Brasher – Fellmaster GTX Walking Boots

You know those old, smelly, totally worn-out boots which you’ve had for years and fit you like a glove. Well, the Brasher Fellmaster GTX straight from the box was like putting on the old, comfy boots. We just gelled together and even with bog-standard cotton socks they’ve been like an old faithful friend on spontaneous cross-country walks.

The Fellmaster is fitted with a generous memory foam ankle which hugs your foot and keeps things from rubbing. The insole and midsole feel very well cushioned and almost spongey when you’re walking on hard ground. You’re kept away from any sharp stones very well by the thick Brasher sole, which is pretty grippy and confidence inspiring on wet and muddy paths. I never felt unsure underfoot.

Grippy sole for muddy days

The thick sole is part of the styling of the boot, which is a chunky affair with a very large rubber toe bumper to keep any aforementioned sharp scree from damaging your digits. The rest of the boot is a contrasting brown suede which sheds water and mud very impressively when new and hasn’t started wetting-out yet after a good few hours of walking in torrential rain and boggy ground.

The Fellmaster is fitted with a full Gore membrane, which keeps water out of the boot and, as with any membraned boot, some sweat in. They’re not noticeably ‘sweaty’, but they are quite warm. Difficult to say whether they’d be too warm in summer, but I’d expect so.

They weigh in at the lighter end of the scale for a full leather boot at 1350g and certainly don’t feel clunky or heavy in use.

The lacing system works very well, employing metal eyelets and round laces which are easy to adjust for a fine-tuned fit. The eyelets look small enough that they shouldn’t get too bunged up with mud, which will make the laces last.

They’re priced at £130, which is pretty spot-on for a comfortable, Gore-lined walking boot with this degree of support. And the styling is classic enough to appeal to most people – it’s neither offensive or brashy – they’re boots which could work in any situation.

A note on Brasher’s fit. Everyone I know who has tried Brasher boots comments on how they are a little slim at the front, and I’d tend to agree. I can just about feel how, after a few hours’ of wear, they’ll become snug on my wide feet. Something to think about when you try them on in-store.

SUMMARY: Brasher’s popular Fellmaster GTX is a boot built for comfort with a middling level of support for all-day walking on well-made tracks and grassy fields. They look good, work well and are at the right sort of price level. Brasher boots don’t fit everyone though.