Boom – Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

Heh, I see what they did there with the name for this cool little wireless speaker. Swimmer; I suppose it could be a play on the fact that it’s totally waterproof, but come on…


Spunky little US company Boom Movement have sought to create simple, fun audio devices that hook in to the bluetooth from your phone and broadcast your tunes to the rest of the campsite, poolside, forest or wherever you may be roaming.

The Swimmer is an Espresso-cup sized, silicone rubber coated speaker that comes with two interchangable tails. One is the prehensile, wired tail above which can wrap around your pack, tent pole, branch of a tree or anything else you can imagine. And the other tail is a large sucker which works brilliantly to attach the Swimmer to smooth surfaces like car windows, bathroom tiles, or in my case… the fridge.


The Swimmer is powered up in about 2 hours via a micro USB charger. I like that because it means I can use my Samsung phone charger, and survive with one fewer unlabelled cord floating around in the kitchen. That couple of hours’ charge gives you a stated 8 hours of music at a volume which can be best described as ‘blimey, that’s loud for a little speaker’.

And it is impressively loud and clear for its size, especially considering it’s waterproof – which sometimes leads to tinniness.

But it must be said that its party-piece is that prehensile tail. It just works really well, and it looks good too. It makes the swimmer a talking point in a world where many other portable speakers are a bit dull.


The Swimmer is available widely in the UK, from Apple Store and other online retailers. Unfortunately, we pay a bit more over here – £50 versus $50 – which makes it a little less of an attractive offer, but it’s still a super-cool little product for anyone who likes to take their tunes outdoors.


5-hammers More: Boom Movement
 Price: £50