Boli – 5 Litre Collapsible Water Container

When you’re travelling by bike (motorised or not), you don’t want to be carrying anything excessive or unneccessary.  But at the campsite you also don’t want to be going back and forth to the tap for every cup of tea!
Boli water container
Boli’s collapsible water bottle solved this issue for me recently in a very satisfactory manner.  It folds almost completely flat when empty, only the nice wide opening stops it going completely flat which means it’ll fit in almost anywhere even if you’re already packed full.
That cap seals nicely and is easy to open.  Pouring when full to the brim does require a knack (use one hand on the opposite base corner) but you only spill water in your tent once….
Boli opening
The Carry handle built in gives a reasonably comfortable grip and you’re only going to be carrying 5 litres so it never digs into your hand too much.  5 Litres might not seem like a lot, but it’s enough to keep a solo camper going for a couple of boil in the bag meals and 2 or 3 cups of tea, and a Sigg refill or two.
The Boli was less than a tenner from Amazon (and is on Prime if you’re registered for that), and although some reviewers there claimed it tainted the water, I never noticed this   – although I did take the precaution of a quick wash out with washing up liquid before I left for my trip.
I thought it was great value for money and the plastic seems robust enough to last for at least a year or two.  Well worth the money and it does exactly what it says on the tin.