Bog In A Bag – Camping toilet

One word changed my whole perception of the Bog In A Bag from a bit of a joke to something pretty useful. One word uttered by my wife which instantly transported me to a dark, dark place which I had succesfully blocked from my memory. One word which was…


If you’re not with me on this, imagine if you will 100,000 people, mostly in tents and mostly eating and drinking evil things, and mostly sharing the same toilets.

And if you’re good at imagining, you’ll start to understand why the Bog In A Bag isn’t such a crazy idea after all.

Invented by the very smiley Kate Castle after a night we’ve all probably experienced – laying in a tent bursting for a wee and desperate not to have to walk in the dark to a cold toilet – the bog in a bag is pretty much as basic a design as it could be.

Kate has taken one 3-legged camping stool, cut a hole in it and suspended a plastic bag full of clever liquid-absorbing crystals into which you… deposit.

So, let’s start with the familiar bit; The stool itself is a pretty standard 3-legged affair – you’ve probably seen them at campsites, perfect for the odd squat but not exactly comfortable. With a coated nylon seat into which a generous round hole has been cut, it looks anatomically suitable for adult and child of both sex. The seat also comes with a removable cover, turning the stool into a proper, covered seat.

What turns it into a viable toilet is the rather clever combination of plastic bag, and packets of liquid absorbing granules which says will absorb 700ml of liquid.

You simply fold the bag over the top of the stool, making sure that it hangs down through the hole, and then sit yourself down for a moment of “release”. Then when you’re done, unhook the bag from the stool, tie a knot in the top and remember to stick it in a bin some time soon.

Now, if you’re still with me and not sniggering at the back thinking you’d never stoop so low as to poo in a tent, let me tell you that I can think of a couple of times when the BogInABag would have been infinitely preferable to reality.
One particular rafting trip in Peru involved 14 people, a bucket, a loo seat and a handful of chalk. I’ll say no more.

And of course there’s the aforementioned Glastonbury, where I can imagine nothing more satisfying than returning to one’s tent porch in favour of the gag-inducing loos. And nothing more amusing that knowing there’s a drunk 16-year old laying comatose not 3ft from your bare backside as you get your own back for them falling over your tent in the middle of the night.

Bog In A Bag weighs 1.2Kg, which isn’t bad. The only thing lacking, to my mind, is some sort of holster/pocket for a few sheets of toilet paper, baby wipes or hand sanitiser. With those included, this would get a 5-Hammer review.

So, there you go. I managed the whole review without making one single Stool Sample gag. I’m so proud.

Summary: Bog In A Bag is easily dismissed as a bit of a joke, and nobody really likes to think about having to answer nature’s call, but after a bit of thought I’m won around and think this is a superb idea. No more ‘bush wees’ for the wife; no more enduring the horror of the loos at Glastonbury and no more walking across cold, barren campsites in the dead of night. I’d say this was ideal for anyone with kids, or who spends a long time outdoors with a dislike of digging a hole and leaning on a log. As it’s essentially a usable trail/camp stool it’s not entirely something you wouldn’t take outdoors anyway.


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  • Jude

    Good idea! Must see if they market the plastic bags of liquid-absorbing crystals separately – would be useful for wild camping (the entire kit’s too heavy for backpacking). Get fed up of finding “deposits” left unburied by thoughtless mucky idiots. It’s a basic SAS technique to take everything – literally – away with you.

  • L Powell

    I like this idea – so much more space savings than the kampingkaze toilet we;ve got. Agree with the previous review that getting the crystals seperately would be good.

  • Alice

    I ordered one of these thinking it was a great idea.

    It is not. The hole is huge (and my bum is not tiny) and the cover to turn it into a stool is only held on with velcro so comes off as soon as you sit on it (and at just under 9 stone I hate to think what would happen with anyone heavier). It was also precarious and this was set up on my living room floor – it would be a liability if the ground was at all uneven.

    I was disappointed as it was a great idea and packed up really small but in the end was just another expensive gimmick and was sent back in favour of the much larger but much much better luggable loo

  • Brian

    Just seen this ‘creation’ on Dragon’s Den. The hole in a stool thing is nothing new, it’s the modified binliner that I have issue with. If even a fraction of campers or fectival goers used these, it would create huge and unnecessary plastic bag waste and clear ups. Campers are supposed to respect the environment and this runs contrary to that ethos. A bit of inconvenience, in using the convenience, is far preferable to urinating or defacating in a bin liner! This thing is an environmental outrage should be withdrawn!

  • T

    this is so clearly a bad idea and i realised that the moment i saw it on dragons den. getting it out,setting it up and balancing on it in a small 1 person tent in the dark, on uneven ground. also as the other reviewer rightly said the bags and bags of plastic waste produced would be horrendous if many people stated using this ill-thought out abomination.

  • darren

    what a brillant idea not into camping but work mainly outside so comes in handy when court short jump in back of van job done saves trying to find a bucket and carry bag 10out10 just need to order some more bags.

  • Kat bond

    This product is useless! I have exactly the same stool used here but without the cutout! The area is too small for using as a toilet and way too low for people with knee problems! If you want excrement all over yourself then use this product! What a waste of money! If your thinking of getti g one of these then try a bucket instead with a bag over it! You can get litter type stuff, the same used in bog in a bag, and do it yourself!

    Complete waste of money!

  • Lesley

    I’ve had mine for a couple of years. It’s saved me from the morning queues many a time at festivals. Plus the bags are biodegradable, so not the big environmental issue other reviewers are going on about. Just make sure you dispose of somewhere sensible. As for not being able to use it if you are large or have knee problems… it’s a tiny stool, of course it’s not going to be much use to you.