Bobble – Water Bottle with Filter

Moody, huh!

I received this water bottle as a gift this Christmas and as I slowly unwrapped it whispering little prayers that it wouldn’t be yet another pair of socks (Santa was generous to bestow me 19 pairs) I was totally thrilled when it’s cute little shape emerge from the wrapping.

I have a bottle of water on my desk all the time. I’ve tried a mix of metal hiking style ones and plastic sports style and I’ve never really bonded with them; they seem to taint the taste of the water and after a few days of each I have resorted to buying bottle of Volvic and topped that up a couple of times. This grates a tad as a) surely I can’t be THAT picky about water? b) it can’t be THAT hard to find/design a re-useable bottle c) adding to the plastic mountain prickles my conscience.
Well taaahhh-dahhhh, the Bobble has solved all of my water drinking angst. Design wise it manages to look really simple and unselfconscious but also funk, and it’s suitably ergonomic to grip and take a swig from.

The design flurry really comes from the funky little filter which is attached to the drinking top. My friend, knowing that I can be a bit girly, bought me the pink version but there are enough colour variations to satisfy all – including a fun little multi option if you really can’t decide!

The manufacturers claim that the filter will last for 300 bottle fills which is an impressive figure and makes this feel a cost effective option. (it also gives you plenty of time to decide which colour you might want next!)

It is important to note that this is just a carbon filter so it eliminates chlorine and other contaminants from tap water it is not suitable as a bug-purifier. Because it’s carbon it does give the water a subtle taint at first, but personally I prefer this to the metal or plastic taint I was getting from other bottles.

Drinking from it there is a slightly restricted flow due to the filter and you do have to give the bottle a little squeeze, but again this is no different from a sports style drinking bottle. There is however a caution on the packaging that says you have to careful about not over squeezing as you can cause the soft plastic to crease. Not wanting to damage my bottle I’m afraid I haven’t tested to see how hard is too hard..but you have at least been warned!

Looking at the packaging and having had a nose around the Bobble website I see that my little bottle is well travelled as it is made in the USA (not something I recall seeing on any other product I own) bought by my friend in Australia and mailed to me in the UK. Not great where the old carbon footprint in concerned, but if you love this bottle as much as I do you’ll be pleased to hear that it available in a variety of stores here in the UK.

The price is £9 for the standard sized bottle which includes your first filter, filter refills seem to be in the £6/£7 region which, as you’ll only be buying 1 or 2 feels like a reasonable fee. I notice from the website that they also do the bottle in a kids size and have a variety of other related products. I suspect this won’t be the last Bobble product in our home as I really am super pleased and impressed with it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is not a suitable bottle for filtering water from unsafe sources. Don’t compare it to bottles designed for travel – think of it as a tap-water container with a difference.


UPDATE. 25/06/12. Since writing this review I had an issue with my first filter getting really stiff and jamming, long before the advertised ‘used-up’ time which was ruining my experience of this bottle. A quick email to Bobble’s customer service has resulted in a new filter being shipped free of charge. Impressive.


  • Emma

    I got this for Christmas last year and was really disappointed….I found it really hard to aqueeze to get water out (the plaatic is too stiff, and the place where you squeeze is narrower which makes it harder-even though it makes it really easy to hold!)

    It does look great, and the water tastes great, but my other little niggles is that after a month, the outside looked really scratched (I handwashed it)

  • I got one of these for Mum at Christmas, because I was sick of her carrying round an old refilled plastic bottle. She really liked it, and as she’s small, I dont think she will crush it. She probably wont remember to change the cartridge either, but its a start!