Biomega Brooklyn and Boston Bikes

Biomega Brooklyn – how much fun?

Look at those tyres!

How could you not want to hop on this little bike and ride over a sand-dune, a pile of logs or a small housing estate! You could imagine you were a monster-truck or a beach-buggy and instantly be transported back to your youth.

Is this the easiest bike to ride? No.
Is this the lightest bike you can get? No.
But does this bike stop people in their tracks and make them want to try it out? Oh yes!

And that’s what Biomega are all about. Despite their name sounding like a bacterial-rich yoghurt drink, the Danish designers have a bike brand which is all about making the bicycle beautiful – a piece of interest (I hesitate to say ‘art’) which you ride, rather than just a functional thing.

Biomega Boston (aka Puma Disko)
Take for instance their Boston bike.
It’s a full-sized, well specced hybrid urban bike, which folds to fit in a car boot. And those cunning Danes have dispensed with the down-tube and replaced it with a stressed steel cable so the whole thing has a degree of comfortable flex about it. And here’s a clever bit – the cable IS a lock – detach it, wrap it around something, reattach it and it locks. Neat.

You may well recognise the Boston because Puma re-branded it as their own a while back.

Amongst Biomega’s other bikes feature shaft-drive tourers (no chain, no maintenance), 1-piece carbon monocoques, bamboo-framed hybrids, belt-drive urban bikes (again, no chain) and a couple of gorgeous ladies’ step-throughs.

If you’re in the market for something a little different; something a little fun or something that will make people stop and stare, then check out Biomega.

SUMMARY: Scandinavian design masterpieces make for excellent urban bikes. Many feature user-friendly details like maintenance-free drive systems and folding pedals (so it takes up less room in a small flat or corridor). Not the cheapest by a long way, but you’re paying for something pretty unique. Unfortunately pretty difficult to find in stores.

Price: Ranges depending on model and country (sorry, that’s no help is it!)
From: Scandis (UK), [email protected], 07917 713 126
More Information: Biomega.DK

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