The Best Waterproof Gloves Fully Reviewed

The Best Waterproof Gloves Fully Reviewed

Wanting to be active in wet weather doesn’t mean your hands need to suffer. Your gloves should be just as ready for activity as you are. A great pair of waterproof gloves should keep your hands warm enough but also provide proper wicking so sweat and moisture doesn’t build up in the glove.

To no surprise, no two gloves are made equally. That is why matching a gloves qualities to your needs is critical, especially if you are going to spend a little more than usual on a nice pair. Being waterproof is a very important glove quality when spending time in the high mountains, technical terrain or bad weather. But other qualities like level of warmth, comfort, dexterity and durability are almost equally as essential. However, balancing warmth and dexterity can be challenging. Too much insulation will make the glove bulky and the person wearing them will lose the ability to perform intricate tasks with the gloves on. Too little insulation and your hands could suffer from the cold all day.

Added features to gloves like wrist leashes, pockets, leather palms are also nice touches that some brands will add to the glove. You want to get the most for your money, so take a look at the reviews below. Advice from real time users has been compiled for each pair of gloves. The bottom line– get out and enjoy the winter weather. Use this guide to find the right glove that you can wear day after day, and keep your hands happy and dry.

North Face Montana Etip
  • North Face Montana Etip
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fantastic versatility
  • Price: See Here
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Swany X-cell II
  • Swany X-cell II
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Impressive waterproofing
  • Price: See Here
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Outdoor Research Alti
  • Outdoor Research Alti
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reasonably priced durability
  • Price: See Here
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1. North Face Montana Etip

Insulation: 200g Heatseeker™
Touchscreen compatible: Yes
Waterproof properties: DryVent™ waterproof insert
What we like: The combination of exceptional warmth and surprising waterproof ability really scores big points for The North Face. The ability to operate your smartphone with the gloves on is pretty great too.
What we don’t: The brand tends to put pretty high price tags on their products, but other than that, these are great gloves for many uses.

The North Face Montana Etip is a 100% fully synthetic glove which is a great option for people looking for an animal-free product. The full-length gauntlet style glove will provide you with the best coverage, day after day. There were very little complaints about the warmth of this glove and zero issues with the waterproofness. The Montana Etip has several nice features including touch screen compatibility, wrist Oven™ Leashes and a DryVent™ insert.  Potential buyers should be excited that they can get this high-end performance glove without emptying their wallets.

The Etip was constructed with a DryVent™ waterproof insert, which is an impermeable barrier that will hold off all moisture.  The North Face guarantees this barrier will prevent moisture from penetrating the glove. The barrier is also breathable, so your hands will not feel trapped inside of the glove. There were no reviews that stated the waterproof barrier failed. All people reported having dry hands and were thrilled with how non-sweaty their hands were after hours of use.

Made to outlast the bitter Montana cold, The North Face packed this full-coverage gauntlet glove with 200g Heatseeker™ insulation on the back of the glove and put less insulation(100g Heatseeker™) on the palm to help keep the dexterity of the glove in check. Like many other gloves, they have an adjustable closure strap and wrist cinch to trap out cold air and give users a custom snug fit. Very few people complained about this glove not keeping them warm enough. They thought the insulation did a great job at reducing heat loss and the fingertip construction on the glove was exceptional at keeping them warm.

The fact that no animal product was used to create this glove puts it automatically at the top of some peoples list. This fully synthetic gloves outer shell is made out of Nylon oxford fabric. The palm is crafted with synthetic leather and the lining is 100% polyester Sherpa fleece and brushed tricot.  All of these fabrics are lightweight materials and promote body temperature regulation. Cleaning is also a breeze with synthetic materials, as you can throw these gloves in the washing machine to clean them. This is an easy advantage over other gloves which are typically made with leather.

The 5 dimensional fit of the Montana glove gives everyone a comfortable fit and keeps sizing consistent. They also have radiometric articulation, which means the gloves will keep your hands in a natural relaxed position. This will also allow users increased mobility during use. All users and reviewers thought it was a very comfortable glove with a great fit.  The Montana Etip has the ability to operate touch-screen devices. This day in age, that is a very important feature to some people. No one likes to get cold hands for a few minutes just to take a picture or respond to a message.

Reviewers really enjoyed this feature. They noted that they couldn’t really text with these on, but were able to perform basic tasks, like taking a picture or answering their phone. This is a great addition to those technology addicts who still love to camp. Another nice feature of this specific glove is its trademarked wrist Oven™Leash.  This is a normal wrist leash that you can slide a hand warmer into, which allows you to warm up your wrists. Having this option is a nice touch on really cold days. People who use these gloves regularly noted that the gloves are very warm in general and did not have to insert a hand warmer that often.

See The North Face Montana Etip Here


2. Hestro Ergo Grip Active Gloves

Insulation: Minimal – More suitable for temeratures above 20 °C.
Touchscreen compatible: No
Waterproof properties: Hestro OutDry material
What we like: This one well… fits like a glove. In that we mean it doesn’t have much unecessary room inside when you have them on. This makes them a great choice for active use.
What we don’t:  The one downside, is the fact that there isn’t much insulation if you plan on wearing these in extreme cold.

This Hestro glove is a lighter weight glove with excellent dexterity. This glove is ideal for the technical, on the go outdoorsman/woman who relies on hand agility to enjoy their hobby. It provides moderate warmth and was constructed with top of the line materials for extreme durability. It is made of 70% leather and 30% synthetic material. The leather used to make these gloves, was originally inspired and used for military purposes. It provides great structural support and is easy to break in. Users report having their Hestro’s for many years without issue. Reviewers were in agreement that they are worth the investment. To back that up, Hestro’s gloves comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Lastly, Hestro makes this glove with its patented Ergo-Grip. This provides the person wearing them with a close fit and optimal grip.

The gloves are made with a waterproof, breathable OutDry material and thin fleece lining on the inside of the glove. Testers report that their hands never got wet even when they were put through a wide array of conditions. This makes it an ideal glove for ski touring, ice climbing or cross country skiing. In situations where you will have repeated contact with snow or water you can anticipate your hands will stay dry. From reviewer’s testaments, these gloves are one of the most waterproof outdoor gloves on the market.

Since this is a lighter weight glove, there is little to no insulation present. They do provide moderate warmth, but these gloves are not for people looking to hop on long chairlift rides at the ski resort or to walk the dog. They were made with minimal excess material and are best suited for an active person in cooler weather. These gloves were created to be tighter fitting on the user’s hand to help with dexterity, therefore there is very limited room to add liner gloves to improve warmth. The bottom line is that these are meant to be used during activity. Users back this up with reviews that state this is not an everyday glove for temps below 20 degrees F.

The outer palm of the glove is made from impregnated goat leather (impregnated meaning materials have been added to the leather to improve the quality). This is the first shield against moisture and increases the gloves durability. It is also reinforced with abrasion and heat resistant kangaroo leather on the palm. A Velcro leather strap with a hook and loop closure seals this glove at the wrist. This is one feature that helps keep the cold and wind out of the glove. Brushed polyester lining provides warmth and wicking. The outside of the glove is constructed with Gore Windstopper that users can rely on to protect them from the harsh wind blowing on the back of their hands. It also allows for moisture inside the glove to escape keeping your hands warm, but dry.          

Pre-curved articulated fingers are an important touch when looking for a glove with a natural fit and feel. Users of this glove felt like there was not a lot of extra room inside the glove. Most people liked this aspect of the glove though because they were able to use their hands more for intricate work. However, if you have large hands/fingers, be sure to check the sizing chart so they aren’t too tight and limit movement, as reviewers thought the sizing was a little off when they received their gloves. Critics felt the leather of this glove was soft and comfortable, but also very durable.  There is extra leather added around the index finger for extra protection. This Hestra glove does not have touch screen capability, but if you are supposed to be outside exploring the outdoors, you may not need it anyways. It also does not come with wrist leashes to help keep you from dropping your gloves while not in use.

See The Hestro Ergo Grip Here


3. Swany X-cell II

Insulation: Tri-Plex insulation system
Touchscreen compatible: No
Waterproof properties: Swany Dryfingers II membrane
What we like: In addition to these being waterproof and warm, they are also durable. They also have a neat little pocket for a hand warmer, if you venture out into much lower temperatures.
What we don’t: These lack some dexterity, plus the hanging straps may tend to become annoying.

The Swany X-Cell II was made to excel (sorry) in protection and warmth from the elements. This fierce gauntlet style glove has a serious and strong look to it. It is super durable, and made with an all leather resilient shell, which was constructed to last through years of use and abuse. Swany precisely placed insulation in certain areas of the glove to deliver optimal warmth. When you refuse to let the cold temperatures keep you inside, these can be your go to hand protection. The gloves also come with wrist leashes, so the odds of dropping or losing your investment is decreased. The Swany X-cell II also comes in mitt form.

Dryfingers II are membranes in the X-Cell II that prevent cold moisture from getting inside the glove. It gives you the intense waterproof protection you need and allows water vapor to escape so your fingers do not get pruney and clammy. Reviewers note that this works flawlessly and never had an issue with moisture in their gloves, even when doing activities in the ice and snow. This would make them ideal for any winter activities, such as camping and skiing, so the opportunities are virtually endless.

These gauntlet style gloves have fleece cuffs which provide a ton of warmth around the wrist. It has a quick-release strap at the wrist, which gives you an adjustable, snug fit to lock out the cold. This was a big selling point for people taking on winter adventures as it really keeps the snow out. The Tri-Plex insulation system in these gloves will keep your hands nice and warm even in freezing temperatures.

Many users rave that this is the first pair of gloves that keeps their hands warm enough and dry enough. The insulation is thicker on the back of the hand and thinner on the palms. For users expecting to be in the extreme cold or just like an extra boost of warmth, there is a waterproof zipper pocket on the back of the glove where a hand warmer can be placed. The zipper can also be opened up if the gloves are feeling a little warm to give the user their preferred temperature. This Swany glove surpassed many users expectations in keeping their hands warm.

Like others, this glove is made with durable leather shell and has anatomically curved fingers. It has reinforced palm area which adds to the integrity and grippiness of the glove. Dyna-Therm lines the inside of the glove creating a comfortable and dry feeling.  The liner is not removable, but no reviewers commented that this was an issue. Swany chose higher end material to create this glove which reflects in the durability. Many users report their gloves lasting multiple years without showing signs of wear. They also liked that the leather was soft and pliable.  

According to users, the X-Cell II doesn’t quite have the dexterity to tie knots or do intricate work, but they can handle most zippers, buckles and tools. People who use these really like that they are easy to take on and off. They are also not super bulky (but not too thin either). These Swany gloves were designed with a wrist leash as well, so they can still stay attached to you when they are taken off. One downfall that users complain about is that when you tighten the multiple straps on glove, the end of the straps get caught on the surroundings, ski poles for example. However, an easy solution is to tuck the ends inside the gloves.

See The Swany X-cell II Here


4. Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

Insulation: PrimaLoft
Touchscreen compatible: Yes
Waterproof properties: Gore-Tex
What we like: Exceptional waterproof capabilities, as well as durable long lasting construction.
What we don’t: The liner tends to come out with your hand, when removing the gloves.

Winter really is a different kind of beauty and many people find it much easier to enjoy when they are warm, comfortable and able to enjoy their favorite hobbies without having to take off their gloves to adjust a rope or pulley. Outdoor Research created the Alti to hold up against the most ruthless winter weather. They truly did their research and found a way for their glove to be breathable, tactile, super warm, and waterproof all in one. They used quality material to construct their glove and 3D technology to find the perfect, flexible fit. Dexterity is also one of this gloves top quality, so if you stay busy with your hands during the cold winter months, this may be a great option for you. Due to Outdoor Research having a great reputation, when the cold temperatures come knocking, many people turn to the Alti Glove.

Trust-worthy Gore-Tex and the perfect quantity of PrimaLoft insulation make this glove tremendously waterproof. Gore-Tex not only repels liquid water away, but is able to allow water vapor to pass through, which makes it breathable. The Alti was praised in reviews for always keeping users hands dry, day after day. The breathability of the glove was also applauded as there were no reports of sweaty or clammy hands with extended use of the glove.

With warm and dry hands you can enjoy the scenery and focus on where you are going next. The Alti has a wrist cinch to close the glove around your wrist. It has one strap that tightens the cinch and another strap that loosens, which people who used these really liked. Reviewers noted that they used these gloves in 10 degrees F weather and on bike rides in 25 degrees F with no warming issues. However, the gloves are slightly bulky compared to others. But, this is what people give up if you want a glove that will keep you forever warm in the bitterest weather.

The Alti is made with a 100% Nylon shell and Gore-Tex® insert. Like other gloves, Outdoor Research used PrimaLoft® Gold for insulation. The shell is made with 100g and the liner is 170g. People who bought and used these gloves report that the materials used are very durable and high-quality. Several noted using their gloves through multiple seasons and they are still going strong.

Outdoor Research really outdid themselves when it comes to the durability and grip of this glove. They wanted to create an item that can be used on true outdoor expeditions, not just to shovel the snow. The AlpenGrip® palm and articulated fingers give excellent grip on ropes and tools. Innovative 3D Fit Technology, which uses 3-dimensional molds to design the glove instead of taking a 2D drawing and making into a 3D glove, is what makes this glove super comfortable. The liners of the gloves are also touchscreen compatible, which is a must in today’s world full of technology. It has a standard glove leash to keep the gloves connected to you at all times and a pull-on loop to easily get the gloves on. Lastly, the Alti glove is equipped with soft nose-wipe on the thumb. Gross, but useful.

See The Outdoor Research Alti Here


5. Arc’teryx Lithic Glove

Insulation: 2 layer PrimaLoft® Silver
Touchscreen compatible: No
Waterproof properties: 3 layer Gore-Tex, Arc’teryx Nu water repellent treatment
What we like: If these do get wet, the parts that do will dry quickly. Additionally, the offer a great amount of dexterity.
What we don’t: Though these provide excellent waterproof protection, they don’t work too well in extreme cold. They are a bit pricey as well.

Made precisely for skiing and snowboarding, this shorter style gauntlet glove was designed with great features to be very waterproof and have great dexterity. The length of the glove allows them to fit under or over jacket sleeves. They have not been proven to perform the best in the extreme cold, but they do a good job in temperatures 20 degrees F or higher. These well-designed gloves are manufactured with high-quality materials and are a perfect fit for many active winter adventures.

These gloves are treated with Arc’teryx Nu water repellent treatment. They are constructed like a three-layer Gore-Tex jacket, which is a pretty good idea because the glove doesn’t have to solely rely on one layer to do all of the work. Reviewers who have tried multiple gloves thought this one had the best water-resilient qualities and held up best in real life situations. Arc’teryx also sells its Nu water repellent separately, so upkeep can be done for years after purchase.

The Lithic was created with two layers of PrimaLoft® Silver insulation on the back of the hand to provide warmth and block the wind and PrimaLoft® Gold on the inside of the glove. The gold insulation is a little denser, allowing it to be a little more durable. Reviewers were split on the ability of this glove to keep their hands warm. Half of the crowd was very pleased and thought the glove kept their hands at a perfect temperature and the half felt their hands get cold in extreme temperatures. For the price of this glove, warmth should not be in question, which is a downfall. However, it does make up for this in breathability and dry time. Testers and reviewers report that these gloves will dry in several hours, which is something you don’t find in other gloves.

A large variety of materials were used in the design of this glove. One distinct characteristic of this glove compared to others, is its choice to use TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) reinforcements at the palm and fingertips. The hydrophobic qualities of TPU are really great at sealing out water.  Extra grip control was also bonded on the palms and fingers for better dexterity and added toughness to areas prone to wear.  The inside of this glove has soft, brushed liner and around the inner cuff is a DWR treated nylon material. No users noted that they liked or disliked the feeling of the inside of this glove. The Lithic also glove has an internal draft tube and adjustable wrist strap to cinch out the cold and prevent snow, ice or rain from ever entering the glove.

People who bought this glove enjoyed the comfortable, athletic fit. Arc’teryx patented Tri-Dex™ technology states it was created to match the thumb and fingers natural grasping motion, allowing for remarkable dexterity. Reviewers thought that the glove allowed them to move their fingers through a natural range of motion, as well as grip and use their fingers as they would without a glove on. It helps that the seams of this glove are placed in locations that doesn’t interfere with movement patterns of the hand. People were able to use these gloves for technical ice/mixed climbing and had no issue. They really enjoyed having the ergonomic freedom, while also having warm and dry hands.

The Lithic added two small, but helpful features to its glove. First, there a small loop at the base of the glove, which allows the gloves to be clipped together while not in use. The second being the wrist leashes, which will keep them connected to you if you take them off while on your outdoor adventure.

See The Arc’teryx Lithic Here


6. Black Diamond Soloist

Insulation: PrimaLoft Gold
Touchscreen compatible: No
Waterproof properties: Pertex shell, BDry insert
What we like: The quality materials used in the construction of these includes Kevlar reinforced goat leather, making them a great choice when durability is an absolute must.
What we don’t:  The allowed dexterity isn’t anything to brag about, and these do not have a wrist leash.

The Soloist is a two-part glove which consists of an outer Pertex shell, BDry insert, and PrimaLoft One insulation. The inner part of the glove is removable and consists of a strong liner that is insulated and has a soft polyester feel. People really enjoyed the option to wear the glove as a whole or to just wear one part depending on the temperature and task at hand. The black soloist excels at warmth and being very waterproof. The Black Diamond uses quality material in the design of their glove, including Kevlar® reinforced goat leather. This glove was built to be very tough and enduring and critics reviews do back this claim up.  It does lack extra features that are showing up on another top of the line gloves such as wrist leashes, touch screen capability, pockets and pull-on straps.

These gloves claim to be 100% waterproof with its BDry insert with a removable liner. The waterproof shell can be worn alone on warmer days. However, if you are out in the cold, avoid taking the liner out, because testers noted that it is not the easier to get back in the glove on the fly. Users and reviewers report no issues with this glove performing in wet conditions. Some noted they really like wearing the waterproof shell alone as it improved their grip and dexterity.

This long gauntlet style glove will not disappoint with keeping you warm from wrist to fingertip. One of the top comments about this glove was how warm it was when using. One reviewer used it in -40 degrees F weather and reported that his hands never got cold. That is really impressive. Properly placed high-quality insulation and an overall well-designed glove put this at the top for being water-resistant and super warm.

The shell of the Black Diamond is made with woven nylon Pertex that is able to stretch in all 4 directions. Perks of this is that the user will never get resistance from the material when performing a more intricate task. The material is also abrasion resistant to increase the longevity of the glove. The liner of this glove is made with PrimaLoft Gold insulation and has a soft feel with its high loft fleece. If the liner gets wet, reviewers found that it dried quickly and even continue to insulate when wet. Kevlar® reinforced goat leather makes up the palm of this glove which adds to the durability.

This glove offers average dexterity. Reviewers didn’t complain about the lack of dexterity, but they also didn’t rave about it either like they do in other gloves. The glove has one pull cord to tighten the glove at the wrist and close off the hand from the cold. Overall, users of this glove thought it was comfortable, easy to wear and move their hands in thanks to the stretchable outer shell. The Black Diamond does lack any other features, but if you’re looking for the standard warm and dry glove, this is a great option.

Black Diamond Soloist

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