Best Spinning Reels

Best Spinning Reel Reviews for 2015 Pflueger Patriarch Spinning ReelFishing reels are devices that hold, release, retrieve, have a handle attached to a spool, engage a braking line which slows a fish from taking all the spool line, and has a bracket for attaching the reel to a rod.

The operation of a spinning reel is easy to learn, and the versatility allows the spinning reel rod to be used throughout a wide range of conditions for all sorts of fish.

The Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel is hands down the best spinning reel out there. Spinning reel reviews come in handy when evaluating the product by helping you gain knowledge allowing you to formulate your buying decision. This reel also maintains the best value award.

Review of the reel finds the highest 5 star rating on Quality. The reel is light weight, operates smoothly including smooth drag, and comes with a braid ready spool. Another positive fact on the reel is slippage has never been an issue. The reel comes with a handy reel cover along with a spare aluminum spool, and the quality of both is excellent.


Pflueger takes weight reduction seriously, and it is demonstrated in this reel. Not only does the frame, sideplate, and rotor feature lightweight magnesium construction, the reel makes use of carbon fiber in a number of areas. The carbon in this reel is high quality, not a chintzy painted prototype, but actual carbon based material.

The carbon based material is used in both the spool and handle and is designed to be very solid and durable without the weight of normal aluminum alloy.

The Patriarch makes use of a carbon drag system that is sealed inside the spool. The only way to access this system is by four screws that release the entire spool assembly. The drag system looks very advanced but sheer stopping power is far from full potential.

The range of settings is limited. The reel contains three main settings, wide open, medium and full lockdown. To gain any significant amount of counter pressure you need to wind the drag knob down. Although the drag was effective, and while very smooth, it did not exhibit much stopping power.

Even with the few shortcomings noted, overall the Pflueger is well worth the investment.

An important reminder and handy tip to maintaining the Pflueger Patriarch Spinning reel is to oil, grease and keep the reel tightened with a simple screwdriver adjustment or two.