The Best Running Shorts

Running is a natural activity that is doing wonders for your body and spirit. It is an activity like no other that is making physical and psychological changes in the organism if practiced regularly. Even though one run is not enough for these changes to happen, it is a good way to start. However, in order to run regularly, you have got to have a proper motivation and nothing should stand in your way. And by nothing, we mean your gear should help the process and your clothes should be comfortable and made for running. In this article, we are going to explain what every style of running shorts is good for and which ones would be the best running shorts for you.

If you have decided on running to help you cope with the stress of everyday life, and maybe meet interesting people to share this activity with, you have come to the right place. Starting a new habit, such as running could be hard to do. In order to begin, simply decide that you want to move lightly. After that, you need to ensure that you have the proper clothes and everything else you need for running. Like every other aerobic activity, running is more comfortable if your apparel is comfortable. Otherwise, you won’t feel pleasant in your own body and this will result with running less frequent. When the temperatures are dropping, running shorts are the number one running equipment you are going to need.

The Top Rated Running Shorts


Compression Z Mens Boxer Shorts
  • Compression Z Mens Boxer Shorts
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable and reliable
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Mission Women’s VaporActive
  • Mission Women’s VaporActive
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great fit
  • Price: See Here
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Under Armour Men’s Launch
  • Under Armour Men’s Launch
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Versatile design
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Compression Z Shorts – Men’s Boxer


Pros: High compression qualities, durable, prevent chafing

Cons: Not pleasant on skin, synthetic materials

These Compression Z shorts for running are made from a synthetic combination of spandex and nylon materials. As mentioned before, spandex is a highly stretchy material which is why the compression they are providing is incomparable. However, good compression materials are usually providing you a feeling of itchiness because they are usually made with a nylon component, such as these. Nevertheless, this specific pair of shorts is using a small percentage of anti-itching material that will significantly lower the feeling.

They are also providing the user increased circulation, therefore, faster muscle warming and greater muscle efficiency. They are the perfect solution against swallowing legs and for runners who have long training sessions. This property allows you to have an efficient training that will be injury free. They are also suitable for warmer temperatures because they will keep you nice and cold. However, they are also suitable for cold weather because they will keep the cold out.

They can be machine washed and they are keeping their original shape even after months of machine washing them, unlike some of the other competitive models. Needless to say, because of its good compression properties chafing is prevented, and so is skin irritation. They are not binding your movement even if you try doing some extreme stretching exercises while wearing them, which makes them very comfortable and convenient for more activities other than running.

As far as compression goes, if you are mainly focusing on this property, this is your most safe choice on the market. Because of their excellent compression, they are helping with the muscle pain and fatigue as well which makes them perfect for regaining your physical shape.

Their biggest downside is that because of the synthetic blend and high percentage of nylon in their content, they are not highly breathable which might feel uncomfortable for runners who are not used to wearing compression shorts.

If you are planning on making a purchase, you might need to take larger size because they are a bit smaller comparing to other competitive compression models.

Mission Women’s VaporActive Momentum Running 3″ Shorts

Pros: Vapor Active technology, unique material blend

Cons: Price, not suitable for cold weather

These Mission running shorts for women are using the Vapor Active technology which is responsible for keeping your legs cooler for a longer time as well as keeping you nice and dry. It is doing so by attracting the moisture into the deeper layers of the material and efficiently removing the sweat.

The biggest advantage of this pair of shorts is the odor trapping technology which is made with the help of the active particles inside the fibers which are naturally there instead of chemically inserted. The positive characteristic here is that chemically induced odor resistant features tend to wash off over time and they last only for few washes. The active particles in the Mission running shorts, however, will last you as long as you use them.

That said, it is important to differentiate the moisture wicking properties that most running shorts have from that this high evaporative cooling these running shorts possess. Wicking the moisture from your skin causes you to feel dry, although some of the material layers are not dry. If you are a running enthusiast you will hardly tell the difference, unless you are sweating excessively. The Vapor Active technology removes the sweat completely from your body and it is keeping you extra dry. This brand is the only one that uses this technology and they have patented it, so don’t look for it elsewhere.

They also have good ventilation which allows your skin to breathe. There is a mesh liner inside the running shorts with the same ultra dry properties mentioned before that will always keep you cool and comfortable.

The unique combination of features is because of the distinctive material blends they are made of. The fabric content is a combination of Cocona, polyester, and spandex. The Cocona fabric is used for the production of one of the most demanding market on the planet. It is used for the production of sports apparel and helps in creating a microclimate conditions that maintain your ideal temperature of the body. Because of this, it is used in the manufacturing process of professional sports apparel. Thanks to the Cocona fabrics in their content, now athletes can feel more comfortable while running and enhance their performance to the maximum.

Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Woven 7″ Run Shorts

Pros: moisture wicking properties, comfortable, pockets

Cons: small pockets, intended to wear without underwear

These Under Armour running shorts are the safe choice for runners who prefer to stick to the already familiar features and brands. Under Armour is a company which produces sports apparel for decades and these running shorts are among the top of their choices.

They are made entirely out of polyester material which feels very pleasant to the skin and is very lightweight. This is why, they are recommended to be used in higher weather temperatures since they are mostly focusing on keeping you cool. The fabric is also very breathable and it feels quite different from the tight shorts materials on the market. Because of their breathability properties, there is no possibility of moisture inside which is the main reason for chafing.

There is also an internal mesh liner that is wicking moisture from your skin and it is directing it towards the outside in order for it to be easier to evaporate. Because of increased comfort, the waistband is elastic, but also not too tight. Even though some runners prefer to wear underwear bellow the shorts, the mesh liners are made specifically for running without one. It will increase their ventilating properties and you will feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, it is a matter of choice, so you could choose wearing one.

For those of you who need additional features in their running apparel, these shorts have a waist key pocket placed on the inside which is very convenient for keeping your keys inside. There are also mesh hand pockets if you prefer keeping your stuff where you can easily reach them. The pockets are large enough even for your phone although this is not recommended because they are not zipper closed and you might damage it.

The Under Armour running shorts can be machine washed and they won’t change their shape with washing. The fabric is also durable and it will last you a long time.

Tesla Women’s Shorts 7″ Bike Running Yoga w Hidden Pockets

Pros: stretchy, excellent moisture wicking properties, freedom of movement

Cons: small pocket, limited color choices

These Tesla running shorts for women are offering a 100% full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. They are elastic running shorts that are comfortable and quite stretchy. They also have an elastic waistband that is tight enough so that they don’t fall down every time you bend down, yet loose enough so that they don’t feel too tight. The waistband is also very stylish and well designed.

As additional features, there is a secure pocket which is hidden on the inside of the waistband. It is large enough so that you can keep your keys, phone or credit cards. However, if your phone is a bit bigger, it might not fit inside.

The material is a combination of polyester and spandex which means that it allows you the freedom of movement in every direction, but it also feels great on the skin. The polyester material inside has great moisture management by using the moisture-wicking technology. It absorbs the sweat from your body and keeps your lower body part dry and cool.

Because of the thickness of the material and the tight style, these models are usually a see through shorts. However, the Tesla women’s shorts are thick enough, as well as colored enough so that nothing can be seen.

And for those runners that don’t like short shorts, these running shorts have the perfect length. They are long enough to prevent chafing and short enough so that you don’t feel too hot. The tightness and stretchy style also offers light compression which has many medical benefits and looks nicer when running.

The price is another benefit they have. There are many running shorts with the same features out there that are a lot more expensive, so if you like the model and they fit your budget, don’t hesitate to purchase them. They are durable and lightweight. The Tesla running shorts can also be used for other activities other than running, such as yoga or biking which proves to their comfort and unrestricted movement.

Skins TRI 400 Men’s Compression Shorts

Pros: excellent compression, comfortable, good moisture management

Cons: price

These Skins compression shorts for men are the ideal running choice for runners, regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur. However, they are a bit pricier than other running shorts and they don’t feet in everyone’s budget. Nevertheless, with these shorts, you will need only one pair for running and they will last you for years.

The combination of 75% nylon and 25% spandex are making these running shorts highly compressive which is increasing the oxygen intake of the muscles in your legs. This allows them to develop properly and they are providing the user a greater muscle power. The tightness in your thighs that the running shorts are providing you are increasing the circulation in the lower body area which is helping in reducing the lactic acid. Lactic acid is a component that your body creates which causes your muscles to function with a decreased power. It is also responsible for the muscle pain you are feeling after an intense training. The compression feature in this pair of running shorts indeed means that they will make a difference in your muscles. Many running models on the market are confusing the compression feature with tight-fitting clothing which contains none of the benefits.

They can be used for more activities besides running and because of their high nylon content; they are suitable for water sports as well. You can even use them for swimming. Even though you can use them for biking sometimes, if you intend on this being their only use, look for another choice. The padding on these shorts is very poor since they are mainly made for running, not cycling.

Running professionals will know to appreciate the Elastic Interface technology this pair of shorts is using which means that they are ultra comfortable and allow the user freedom of movement without any restrictions or unpleasant feeling. They are also ultra lightweight.

Although they are long and tight enough, so that chafing is avoided, the Skins running shorts are taking this feature to the next level. The manufacturer has placed carbon-infused panels made from microfibers, between your thighs. This is guaranteeing the no chafing feature and it is improving the overall performance of the user.

Even though this is a more expensive product than other compression running shorts, they are indeed worth their price since they have a high quality and they use advanced technology in the production process.

If you are planning on ordering, make sure you consult the distributor for your right size since they seem too tight for some body types.

Types of running shorts

There are different styles of running shorts and they all have a different purpose. Of course, manufacturers have developed versions of it, but they are all based on these basic shorts styles.

Compression running shorts

This is the first style of running shorts that is very similar to the cycling shorts. The main difference between these shorts and the cycling ones is the padding which is lacking in the running shorts since there is no need for padding. They are tightly following the contour of your body shape and they come in different lengths. Since they are long to the middle of the thighs and they are very tight, some people choose to wear them under other, wider shorts. Women’s compression running shorts on the other side are a bit shorter than the men’s. They are called compression shorts because they are tight enough to compress, therefore support the muscles on your legs. This is also suitable because there is no possibility of chafing like in other running shorts styles. Some people assume that because of their tightness, they are uncomfortable. However, this is the main reason they feel so great when you are wearing them. The stretchy material is extremely flexible and it allows you the freedom of movement in every direction. If you don’t mind the fashion choice, try them on and you will never want to wear another pair of running shorts again.

Split shorts

Split shorts are the first choice for runners who prefer a shorter length of running shorts. However, some runners feel comfortable in more loose shorts such as these, but they mind the length. It is a type of a personal preference which style of running shorts you choose. The split shorts also allow the user maximum freedom of movement and if you spread your leg upfront you won’t feel tightness or restriction from the shorts. This makes them extremely comfortable. With them being looser than other types of shorts, they have a natural stride that falls down and the split parts are preventing it from chafing. Usually, these types of shorts contain liners. However, there are options without liners for those of you who prefer such shorts.

V-notch running shorts

V-notch running shorts and split shorts are very similar to the common runner. However, their design and manufacturing is very different one from another. Even though there are only some slight differences, it creates a big difference in the freedom of movement. The v-notch has an upside down “v” that is notched on the side of the outer leg. The v-notch is made by simply sewing the seam. In split shorts, however, the v-notch is made differently. There is a front and a back panel and both of them are overlapping. The v-notch is the result of the front panel overlapping the back one. V-notch runner shorts are usually less expensive than split shorts for this particular reason. However, if you are not a professional runner that minds every little detail of your running wardrobe, you won’t notice the difference between these two styles of running shorts.

Running shorts by gender

Men’s shorts

The men’s shorts are designed for a man’s body shape. Men’s thighs are usually bigger than women’s which is included in their design. Also, the inseam is cut to be longer than in women’s running shorts in order to be more comfortable. The liner is, of course, a lot different. Men’s running shorts has a liner that is more supportive in the groin area in order to prevent chafing.

Women’s shorts

Women’s legs are usually shorter than men’s and their thighs are longer than men’s. For this reason, women’s shorts are made according to the women’s body. They are also wider in the hips and tighter in the waist from men. Of course, everybody is different and there are exceptions. Women’s running shorts’ liners also have a different design with less space in the groin area for greater comfort and prevention of chafing.

Unisex shorts

Even though the unisex shorts don’t offer the user as much comfort as the specific gender ones, they have their own advantages. They are less expensive and they are built more simply. If you prefer wearing shorts without liners, this would be your most convenient choice. The liner is the feature that offers specific gender support and without it, you might as well use unisex shorts. It won’t make a big difference.

Pockets as additional features

Even though pockets are not the first thing to look for in running shorts, there can be quite useful for some runners. Not everyone’s trail is close to their home. Some runners have to drive in order to get to their favorite running trails. For this reason, a pocket for the keys is an essential part of their training. Holding the keys in your hand could cause you discomfort and your hands might sweat more. If you have already decided to purchase shorts with pockets, you should consider the placement on that pocket. Although there are shorts with side pockets that are closed by zippers, they can cause a discomfort if you put a heavy and hard object inside. The ones with a waist pocket on the other side are much more comfortable.

Should you wear underwear under your running shorts?

Running shorts usually come with a liner which is built in the shorts. This liner is built in order to ventilate you and prevent sweating. If you wear underwear you are preventing its ventilating properties from working properly. However, there are some runners who prefer running with underwear. If you are part of this group, you could also choose to use shorts without a liner. If you are wearing underwear, make sure it is not made of cotton like most underwear is, because cotton is the one fabric which absorbs a great quantity of moisture and this could be an issue when running. The liners in running shorts are made from microfibers that have a purpose of removing the excess moisture from your body and keeping you dry and comfortable. That said, there are different types of liners you could choose from and they are usually used in different weather conditions. And for those runners who are worried that running shorts might not be supportive enough for men, don’t worry. The liner offers enough support if you are only planning on running. Meaning if you are not planning on combining the running with some other activity such as weight lifting for instance.

Length of the running

Running shorts used to come only in a long form. However, they evolved in shorter and shorter designs because of the practicality this style offers. Nowadays, there are various shorts lengths starting from one inch up to 7 inches. Even though there are a few pointers that could help you choose the most suitable length of running shorts for you, this is a thing of preference. Some runners find shorter shorts more comfortable than others but they are too self-conscious when wearing them which is why they are deciding for the longer alternatives. Also, if your thighs are a bit bigger and they tend to rub together, it is recommended that you choose a longer pair of shorts in order to avoid the chafing. This should either solve your problem or at least minimize it. Another useful tip is the speed of your running and the length of your running training. If you are planning on going on a short but fast run, it is advised that you choose a shorter shorts alternative.

Running shorts fabrics

Natural fibers running shorts

Natural fiber shorts feel quite comfortable on the skin and they also hold up the heat pretty well. This makes them suitable for colder weather conditions when you need your body heat to stay close to your body instead of escape from it. Natural materials also deal with smell pretty well. Unlike synthetic materials which can cause odors when they are wet, natural materials have no such issue. They also provide the user a good stretch. However, when it comes to running, most people avoid natural materials such as cotton. If you find cotton appealing for running shorts, at least choose an option with a synthetic blend that will prevent the chafing.

Natural materials don’t lack downsides when it comes to running shorts. They don’t hold up water pretty well and once they get wet, the possibility for them chafing is increasing. When they are wet, they are also more subjected to damage, so it is possible that they break down after a while using them if you put some pressure on the material.

Synthetic fibers

Most running shorts are made from synthetic materials. The fabrics which are most commonly used are polyester, spandex, and nylon. Most sports clothing are made from polyester material since it has great moisture management which is crucial for such items. It also gives the user the ability to stretch the material to a great extent and because of its elastic properties, it is a great fit. Synthetic materials are also more durable and they don’t change their properties if they become wet. They are suitable for frequent use and you could wash them as often as you wish. However, synthetic materials have that rubbery smell the first few times you are wearing them. They also tend to smell worse than natural materials when they get in touch with sweat. The right synthetic combination will wick the moisture away from your body to the upper layers of the material where it can evaporate. You should also look for a breathable material combination. Nylon, for instance, has the worse breathability properties which is why it is recommended that you choose shorts with a low percentage of nylon in its composition.

One of the best moisture management properties is offered by the Micro Soft technology which contains micro polyester fibers which are extremely lightweight and are three times more soft and finer than silk.

Fitting of running shorts

The size is not the only thing that influences how your running shorts will fit you. The type of the material also plays a great role. For this reason, spandex is used in a combination with the polyester. While polyester offers great properties for the user, spandex is a stretchy material that makes sure your shorts fit you nicely. This combination also feels very pleasant to the skin, although nothing compares to this like cotton. However, cotton shorts tend to stretch after a while using them and they completely change their shape. Also, if you don’t wash them on a proper temperature, they could shrink. This makes the fitting quite variable which is why if you want running shorts that will fit nicely for a long time, it is recommended that you go for the synthetic blend option.


For the sake of making your search for the best running shorts just a bit easier, we’ve included a list of some of the most common questions our readers have asked about running shorts in general.

Q: What are compression running shorts?

Compression gear, in general, was originally created in response to swelling disorders such as lymphedema. The idea here for runners is that compression shorts put positive pressure on the legs, which some studies show can help with endurance and performance.

Q: Where are running shorts measured from?

Running shorts are typically measured by the inseam, which runs from the crotch area to the end of the leg. Occasionally, specialty items from certain brands will be measured differently, but these should generally always be clearly notated when this is the case.

Q: Why do running shorts have built-in underwear?

Q: Why are many running shorts so, well, short?

Q: How should running shorts fit?

Final thoughts

Although there are many things to be taken into consideration when choosing running shorts, your style is also one of them. First of all, you should feel pleasant in them and feel like they represent your character in order to make the purchase. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be completely satisfied with the product. When choosing your best running shorts it is important that you investigate the offer on the market as well as the styles that are available. However, it is crucial that you make an informed decision of what running shorts should offer.

If you have something to add or share your favorite style of running shorts, share with us in the comment section bellow. Have a nice run everyone!