Best Fish Finders

While the number of fishing enthusiasts across the world keeps on growing each day, this recreational activity is also progressing in terms of the equipment and techniques used when angling. The introduction of fish finders is among the most game-changing technological developments in the world of fishing.

The device is designed to help anglers track down fish underwater, quick and easy. This has made fishing to be a more exciting experience. However, the availability of a wide variety of fish finders from different manufacturers has brought about a new challenge of choosing the best device from the many.

Garmin Echo 500c Review

2017 presents a new crop of fish finders that are much better in terms of value and technology. For this reason, there exist so many fish finder reviews online, their models, types, and that makes choosing the best fish finder in 2017 a daunting task.
An ideal fish finder should have an inbuilt GPS system. With the two devices combined in one, you will draw more benefits as opposed to buying the two units separately. You will get everything for your angling and navigational needs. Getting a combination also saves you money as you only pay for a single screen, single component chassis and a single case. It also simplifies things for you – installing only one unit enables you to conviently view all the required information on one device.

Garmin Echo 500c is one of the top rated fish finders. It is exemplarily designed for the individuals seeking for a completely efficient and powerful sounder with a miniature and space efficient footprint.

The gadget is easy on the eyes. It features a 5-inch full-color QVGA monitor with 256 color, high resolution and offers adequate brightness for direct sunlight viewing.

With Garmin Echo 500c dual beam 500 watt transducer, you can easily survey the underwater dwellings. Depths of up to 1900 feet and 700 feet in freshwater and saltwater, respectively, can be achieved with the 200 kHz narrow beam. Furthermore, you can program the device to switch to the wider angled beam to enable you view fish targets and structures around the boat periphery.

This device also comes with numerous special image processing features:

  • Ultrascroll – displays targets even at high boat speeds
  • Fish Symbol ID – clearly shows targets with graphical symbols
  • Smooth Scaling technology – helps preserve sonar data when changing depth ranges

There are sensors to provide other vital information like water temperature and water speed. This can be logged and graphed for later analysis.

The Garmin Echo 500c promises an exciting fishing experience in its compact and intuitive package.

Another crop of top quality fish finders would be the Hummingbird 1199ci or the Lowrance fresh-water fish finders. These models feature color screens, inbuilt GPS, and some even hook up to your trolling motor to hold your boat right over the pre-set fishing spot.

The incorporated GPS of the Hummingbird model includes the U.S. coastline cartography, inland lakes, and rivers. It also has a memory card slot – you can save your screenshots, waypoints, and sonar recordings.


While searching in the market for an ideal fish finder, so many people end up being confused between sonar, transducers, echoes and other stuff, that they forget the basic goal of a fish finder gadget – catching more fish. It is, therefore, imperative to research and understand the key features to look for while shopping for the most suitable fish finder.