Berghaus – Expedition Men’s Heavyweight Crew Socks

I was asked by Andy to review these socks and as the weather had finally turned winter I was only too willing to put down a few words in return for warm feet. I have seen this brand on the shelves but have never tried them before, but I knew they had a good reputation.

The packaging explained that they were ‘the perfect solution for your feet in the mountains’. Now that made me pause a bit, as I had no intention of climbing a mountain, I just wanted to do some work in the garden. However it was nearly at freezing point outside and we were going to strip the turf off and the lawn was under a couple of inches of snow, so I figured that would be test enough.

Socks. Also useful for puppetry.

The socks have fancy patterning all along them that will appeal to the technically minded gentleman especially when he reads the explanation that they are for ‘slingshot heel support’, ‘abrasion panels in toe and heel’, ‘tuned compression band for comfortable arch support’, and ‘terry wool padding in heel and dorsal zones’. And there I was thinking they were just socks!

Putting them on was a delight as they were certainly warm and comfortable – none of that scratchy feeling of old fashioned woollen socks, here the Merino wool feeling softer against the skin. I was so impressed that I showed them off to everyone in the house and from their raised eyebrows and non-committal responses I guess they could not quite appreciate my enthusiasm.

Perhaps the greatest complement to the socks was that I didn’t notice them all day. We worked for hours out in the cold garden scraping the snow off the lawn, stripping it back and barrowing it away. Digging up and moving bushes and small trees, levelling the space and finally covering it with weed suppressant matting. During which time I paid no heed to my feet – everything else ached, but my feet were fine, and that was a surprise as I do suffer with poor circulation such the my extremities (fingers and toes) get very cold. Now I wish Andy also had a pair of gloves he needed reviewing. After all that laborious work I kept the socks on during the rest of the day and on into the evening when we were at a dinner party, and it is probably due to no small part in the Argentium silver ion technology with its odour preventing properties, that no one else had cause to be concerned about my feet either.

SUMMARY: Berghaus’s new silver-ion (anti-bacterial) heavyweight socks will keep you warm, snug and stink free after a full day of digging up the garden in the snow. The construction is complex enough that it keeps its shape on your foot after a day of sweating. 

 Price: £18
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