ArmPocket – Ultra i-35

The Armpocket is much more than it would seem at first impression. More than just a way to carry your phone during a run, it is feature rich in both design and materials.

The back of the pocket – which goes against your skin – is a microfiber mesh covering a memory foam pad which molds itself to your arm and helps wick away any sweat. This micro fibre material is made from bamboo which means that it’s naturally resistant to bacteria and mould so, if you ever throw it off after a run and forget about it, you won’t come back to an interesting arrangement of green growth all over it after a couple of weeks.

The strap which goes around your arm is neoprene – like a wetsuit – but it’s punctured with lots of holes to stop things getting to sweaty underneath it. And it’s designed with a quite clever Y-shape which makes the pocket more stable in use and less inclined to bounce around.

The strap comes in 3 sizes and the medium size which we have on test fits my traditionally medium built arm pretty well. There is a wide range of adjustment via the Velcro-covered strap.

The closure for the main pocket is a double zipper with nice glove-compatible pulls and a neat little Velcro tab which holds them down and stops them bouncing around when you are running. Inside the Armpocket are small Lycra sections for credit card, cash and keys, and a silicone coated retaining strap so your phone can’t fall out if you have the case open for any reason.

The bottom of the Armpocket has two small flaps which allow a headphone wire to escape and, whilst the whole thing is not sold as waterproof, the fabrics and design mean in the real world that it will send off a rain shower with ease. Ours hasn’t developed tell-tale signs of damp in some fairly heavy showers.


There is a small amount of reflective material on the sides of the pouch and armband so if you were the kind of person who likes to run in the road you will give off a little bit of reflection back at those cars.

Price: $44.95 US
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