Aquaviz – Watersports Mask for Glasses/Contact Lenses

A few years ago, The Wife and I were snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. Me, a poor swimmer, was clinging for dear life to a spongey float, whilst The Wife, a water-baby, was splashing and diving and chasing fish like she was born to do it. Except, of course, that she’s as blind as a bat without her glasses on, so in fact she was chasing orange blurs and green wooshes rather than fish. And that’s exactly what the Aquaviz watersports mask is for. It’s the first ‘snap-in’ prescription lens system for an underwater mask.


It can, of course, be worn by those of us with 20-20 vision as a normal mask, but with the addition of the interchangeable prescription lenses it opens up a whole new world of sight to anyone in the water.

With a 100% UV resistant lens, and a choice of clear or grey-polarised insert lenses, the Aquaviz can cope with most light conditions.

The outer lenses are scratch resistant, and to combat the effects of condensation in cold water, the set is supplied with an anti-fog wax to rub on the prescription inserts.

Sounds expensive, but it really isn’t that bad at £49.95 inclusive of prescription inserts.

Price: £49.95
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