Aquaviz – Pro Swim Mask

Designed for Triathletes and outdoor swimmers, the Aquaviz Pro is a comfortable, water-tight and safe prescription swimming mask that ensures 20/20 vision.

This unique mask can be fitted with a prescription lens, or worn on it’s own by those who don’t need corrective lenses.

aquaviz_pro_maskWith a lightweight twin lens design, the new UV-protected and scratch resistant mask can adapt to any water environment. Lens options include polarized sun or ophthalmic lenses including Single Vision, Bifocals and Varifocals.

Aquaviz Pro lenses come complete with Ffreedom Anti-Fog, a premium anti-fog lens treatment combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, which allows moisture to disperse evenly into an invisible micro thin layer across the surface of the lens, while guaranteeing clear and fog free vision at all times.

A single soft, allergen-free gasket design ensures a snug fit, with pressure distributed evenly over the cheekbones and forehead. This reduces the risk of headaches, uncomfortable and unsightly ‘goggle eye’ and also protects the wearer from painful knocks to the sensitive eye area during competitive open water swimming.

A silicone adjustable head strap ensures the mask stays securely in place, with or without a swimming cap. The interchangeable prescription lens ‘Inzert’ also fits into other Sportviz® and Aquaviz® products including Snorkel, Dive and Ski masks.

Price: £29.95 (prescription lens ‘Inzert’, with Ffreedom Anti-Fog, is £40)
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