Aquapac – Stormproof iPod Case

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Aquapac – Stormproof iPod Case

A wheely dry iPod

This is a guest review by Giles from

It’s been weeks since we’ve had even the slightest dribble of rain here – which is typical, given that I have been holding out for a good old downpour in order to test this little offering from Aquapac. Soaring temperatures and cracks appearing in the ground tell me the hot weather is here to stay for a few more days yet so, for the sake of this review, I decided to improvise.

The Stormproof iPod case is, unlike many other pouches in the Aquapac range, not 100% waterproof. Rainproof, yes, but it’s not suitable for submersion. And there’s a very good reason for this – on the back is a 2cm cone-shaped rain flap through which you poke your headphone cable; so long as you remember to keep the case the right way up, you’ll be just fine. It’s worth noting, actually, that this flap is very snug – to the point where it takes a bit of persuasion to poke the headphone jack through to the inside. I suppose this isn’t really a bad thing, and you might find that your own headphone cable goes in easier than mine did.

Aquapac have used their proven 3-roll, close and buckle fastening with this case and, of course, it does what it says on the tin. Being picky, I‘d say that by the time the buckles are clipped together, they create a bit too much tightness around the area where the headphone jack goes into the iPod. I tried flipping the device around, but this made no noticeable difference. I can see that the pressure this puts on the end of the jack flex could potentially weaken it in time; just 1cm more material would sort this out.

The back, showing the headphone port

And so to the test… The packaging for this iPod case states “Protect from rain, spray, mud, oil & dirt” – so what better way to test this claim, I thought, than using it whilst hosing down my mud-encrusted mountain bike? But that would be too easy – simply hanging it around my neck or from a belt loop would only expose it to the odd bit of spray.

Instead, I placed my iPod Touch inside and hung it from several areas which would be attacked by varying degrees of soaking and simulate the effects of movement you’d expect whilst cycling, running, walking etc; the headphones I used were Aquapac‘s waterproof model (which I’ve also reviewed separately).

Even when being blasted with water, the touch-screen functionality of my iPod worked perfectly; in fact, on a couple of occasions, it skipped tracks because the water pressure was so great! Clearly, the biggest concern centres around the rain flap area, and I inadvertently tested this when the case flipped and the hose pointed straight up at it. I won’t say the iPod remained 100% dry, but literally one or two drops of water on the back of it were all that hinted at this potentially traumatic ordeal. Good to know.

Summary: Available in either grey or orange, the TPU-coated ripstop nylon construction of this case makes it durable and more than capable of taking a good battering from the elements. So long as you’re not wanting to take your iPod underwater, you’d be well advised to give it some consideration.

Price: £16
From: Aquapac

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