Aquapac – PackDivider Drysacks (pack of 4)

Dry camping gear is always a good thing, especially when you’ve just experienced a torrential deluge and you’re soaked to the skin. You know that point in life when your socks need wringing out and you’re praying that the next camping site has a drying room? That point right there is why you should have packed the rest of your gear into reliable dry bags. If you did, then your prune-like toes will be happily nestling into clean, dry socks mere moments after you finally manage to pitch your tent and crawl into it like a butterfly saying “sod this for a lark” and heading back to its cocoon.

Aquapac are well established as providers of useful dry packs, and are a firm favourite for my camping gear already. They’ve now added a range of pack-dividers to their range and I got a little bit over excited and grabbed one of each for my next camping trip. Not only are these uber-slim and uber-flexible so they take up virtually no extra room, they’re also extremely lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around extra pounds.

If your approach to packing is anything like mine, you start off over-organised, with everything in its place, and then about half a day into your holiday nothing fits back in your bag and you can’t find your phone charger for love nor money. PackDividers are designed for people like us. No more missing socks that have somehow managed to find their way into the sleeve of your jacket – I used the 13 litre to separate socks and underwear into their own space, with the added advantage that the waterproof bags are also, as you’d expect, air tight, so I could squash everything down, meaning it took up less space too.

The 8 litre became my toiletry bag – excellent for both stopping the insect repellant disappearing off to hide with the tweezers, and also for stopping any unfortunate burst shampoo incidents interfering with the rest of your stuff. The way that the bags roll up and clip to fasten present you with not only a handy carrying handle, but also a way to hang your stuff up in the shower.

Next up was the 4 litre, which was perfect as a gadget bag – every charging lead, phone and tablet lived in this, and it spent several nights in the communal toilets assisting with some sneaky phone charging.

My glasses case, contact lens pots, tablets, torch and keys all found a happy home in the 2 litre bag, it’s the perfect size for all those random bits and pieces that usually live on your bedside table because they don’t have a natural home anywhere.

Waterproof PackDividers also come in particularly handy should you find you’ve accidentally camped on a massive ant nest. I can hereby testify that these bags are also ant-proof. Which came as a massive relief. Nobody wants ants in their pants after all.

5-hammers Price: £44 (also sold individually)
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