Aquapac – Medium Stormproof Camera Pouch

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Smaller than a cat

A few months ago (back when the weather almost threatened us with a long, dry summer), I regularly found myself in a dilemma. On occasions when I headed out and about to make podcast recordings and to take the odd snap or two on my point-and-shoot, I was forced into a frankly unnecessary conundrum – how do I carry my camera and audio recorder most practically?

Simple enough, you might think – chuck ‘em in the back of your day sack and be done with it. But that technique doesn’t always offer the protection you need when conditions are less than favourable (for example in pouring rain or when navigating rocky areas where crashing to the ground is a distinct possibility).

I’ve always kept both items in separate soft camera pouches which do a great job individually, but they feel very bulky when packed independently. So I set off on a hunt for the ideal compromise… Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, to have a single pouch which is a) not as bulky and b) properly resistant to the elements?

Enter this little offering from the house of Aquapac.

Weighing in at a shade under 130g, this pouch is ridiculously light for the purpose. That isn’t to say it’s a lightweight in terms of performance, though; it shares the same great, tough features you’d expect to see on other, larger bags in the range. Tough PU Coated Nylon and high-frequency welded seams do a great job of keeping dust, dirt and moisture out, using the now-familiar 3-roll and clip method. There’s also a secondary seal on the inside (think hardcore freezer bag closure and you’re not far off) – but in practice, this doesn’t so much add to security as give you additional piece of mind.

On the outside you get lashtabs for attaching the pouch to karabiners, packs, kayaks etc. A 2cm-wide ‘belt’ is supplied, but I find this is best used as a makeshift shoulder strap. Although it feeds nicely through the lashtabs, in combination the two don’t exactly offer a firm, against-the-body fit. Just an extra ¼ cm width would most likely solve the problem – isn’t that always the way?!

Plenty of space to stash cash, and cameras

The inside is simplicity itself. A single 10mm foam padded insert does a great job of protecting your camera and accessories. For my typical use, holding a Canon G9 and Edirol audio recorder, I simply add an additional camera bag foam divider, to stop the two bumping up against each other. But that’s just me.

Remove the main insert, and you have a no-frills waterproof container for carrying around items like keys, wallet, boiled sweets, bits of string… whatever takes your fancy, really.

This bag is designed to comfortably fit larger zoom compact cameras measuring up to 16.5cm x 11.5cm x 7.5cm. If you have more modest requirements, then definitely take a look at the cunningly-named Small Stormproof Camera Pouch; it, too, does exactly what it says on the label and is the ideal fit for G9-sized cameras.

Summary: Light, compact, waterproof, simple in design… What more could you ask from a camera pouch of this size? I’ve now ditched my tired old pouches in favour of these, and I suggest you give them a serious look if you’re in the market for new protection for your camera.

 Price: £35
 From: Aquapac