Aquapac – 100% Waterproof Headphones

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I’ll start with an admission: I’m not a big swimmer. Never have been, never will be. So the chances that I would ever use these headphones in water as deep as 3m (10ft) in the real world are pretty slim. Sure, I could submerge my head in a bucket of water, all in the name of scientific testing, but this doesn’t really represent a situation we typically face on the hill or paddling along a river now, does it?

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In order to try these headphones out properly, I’ve been waiting, quite literally, for the perfect storm. Chance would be a fine thing, as it’s been bone dry for what seems like an eternity. So, in the absence of a decent downpour, I decided to recreate similar conditions in the shower. Bear with me…

Fast-flowing water from the shower head did a great job of simulating driving rain which, from several angles, could not dislodge these headphones from my ears. I have to be honest and say I found the behind-the-ear design of these a little fiddly (both in dry conditions and, more so, in the wet) – but then I have always favoured push-in style ‘phones. I guess it’s one of those Marmite situations.

The sound quality streaming from my iPod (safely protected in Aquapac‘s stormproof case, reviewed separately), generally gave no cause for complaint. Removing the headphones from my ears, holding them under the shower head for a minute, then putting them back in my ears proved that they are, indeed, properly waterproof. There was a slight change in sound quality at this point, but I’m guessing that was just due to water-logged ears on my part. Let’s face it, if you’re listening to music underwater or in a deluge, studio quality sound isn’t going to be top of your priorities, is it?

Interestingly, I found the best results came from not pushing the earbuds too deeply into my ears, as I would normally. It took a few goes to get the positioning right, but once they were in place, they didn’t budge. Nature has gifted me with modestly-sized ears, so the smallest size of buds supplied (out of a choice of three sizes) clearly did the job.

These headphones benefit from a decently-proportioned length of cable, too, complete with one of those sliding devices which lets you adjust the amount of cable which hangs freely from the headphones down to the main length of wire. Not too long, not too short, it’s about 90cm (35”) from the tip of the jack to the bottom of the ear loop. That means it won’t leave you with a knotted spider’s web in your pocket or a DIY lynching at the hands of any obstacle that gets in your way as you run along a trail (on the way to the swimming pool, presumably).

Summary: Robust, incredibly flexible, rubberised construction means you can trust these headphones to deliver in tough conditions. They’re comfortable, too – which, aside from good sound quality, is exactly what you want.

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