Anatom – Q2 Leather Walking Boots

The chaps at Anatom told me a story about how comfortable their boots are; one of them had taken a box-fresh pair of their walking boots, stuck them on his feet and then run a marathon. I smiled politely and looked impressed, but wondered if the runner had been some kind of masochist. I break in a lot of different shoes doing reviews for GearWeAre, and my feet are a mess!

Don’t look very comfy do they? But they are!

However, the story stuck in my head and after a couple of days of wearing the Anatom Quadra-2 (Q2 from here on in) around the local fields on dog-walks, I decided to put them to the test by wearing them all weekend at a 3-day music festival in the north of England. With a combination of sun, rain, dancing and standing for hours it would be a great real-world test in comfort. And with spending a night in a tent, it’d be perfect to test their anti-microbial (no stink) claims too.

Twinkle Twinkle, little eyelet

After 30+ hours of bouncing around a field, tip-toeing through crowds doing the don’t-spill-my-beer dance and wading through the “swamp” near the gents loos my feet felt great. No rubbing; no hot spots; no sweaty dampness. What looks like a stiff and unyielding upper had simply snuggled around my foot and protected it without drama. Impressive.

And what was more impressive was the fact that, despite a day of warm sun and a freak shower of rain, enough cheap cider to fill a barrel and a large curry, the smell from the boots which were stored 5 inches from my nose in our tent was non-existent. The soft and fluffy woolen insoles seems to work very well indeed at minimising odours from sweat.

Anatom use a breathable waterproof membrane called Tri.aria, which to date has worked really well. The boots were coated with Nikwax Waterproofing for Leather before I got them, which has helped shed water very well, but with this in mind I’ve been deliberately walking through abrasive wet grass to try to cut through it and test the leather and membrane. No luck, my feet have stayed dry, no matter what.

Vibram sole - stickier than a stick
Vibram sole – stickier than a stick

Looks wise, the Anatom Q2 are a classic leather style boot brought up to date with a chunky Vibram sole that’s as sticky as a forgotten fruit pastille in a jacket pocket, and set of easy-threading metal lace loops. The uppers are made from full-grain leather, which is basically cow backside with a shave and colour job – nowt more. They look brilliant.

The fit of the boot is interesting. I have fairly narrow heels and wide forefeet and they fitted perfectly. Anatom make each boot in two different lasts (a Last is a model of a foot used to build a boot around). You can read more on that here.

Comfort around the inside of the boot is achieved by an all-over layer of squishy foam from toe backwards. At the front it’s about 2mm thick and barely noticeable, but at the heel, ankle and tongue it’s much thicker and results in a hug-like feeling to make your foot feel secure and loved. Oh, and the foam is breathable, so it doesn’t impeed the Tri.aria membrane’s usefulness.

At £110, the Anatom Q2 is priced bang-on with very similar boots from Scarpa and Brasher. And it’s worth every penny, especially since you get a lifetime warranty with every pair.

SUMMARY: Superbly comfortable full-grain leather boots with a brilliant Vibram sole giving it a contemporary twist on a classic look. Slip them on, straight from the box, and hit the trail with no breaking-in woes or battered toes. Designed for hills, rather than mountains, but with enough support for when it gets a little bit gnarly. Waterproof enough to keep out streams, and breathable enough to stop things getting too sweaty. Great boots for the price.


  • ursula hayes

    lovely boots

  • First and only boots I have ever tried (Tried them ALL) that were actually wide enough for me (Normally only the “G” width Clarkes shoes fit me-size 45 or 10 + a half)

    very comforatble indeed


    very sadly — the rivet over the big toe knuckle really digs into the foot – much too much for me to be able to wear them

    Really sad about this as the rest of the fit ( until I flex the boot walking) is perfect .

  • karen

    I purchased these boots on 22nd March 2012, what a mistake I have had worn these 10 times and all but once have I had wet feet.. I do walk, not fit for purpose, I followed the cleaning and reproofing instructions, they were usless and still I got wet feet. What a waste of money, cant even return them and the life time warranty well not worth the paper its written on.

    • I forwarded your comment to Anatom, and it seems that you’ve already been in touch with them and they’ve offered you a replacement pair. Their reply is below.

  • Hi Karen,

    As mentioned in our email conversation there are 2 options.

    a) return the boots to us for a replacement pair.
    or b) if you do really want a refund, and you are that displeased with our product then you will need to contact your retailer where you purchased the boots. There should be no problem returning the boots to them for a refund and we can arrange replacement stock with them. We cannot refund you directly as we do not have your money.

    Please get in touch through email if you want to discuss this further – I am still waiting your address so I can send you our care package by way of apology.


  • Brian Thomas

    Hello there. I recently bought a mens pair of Q2, size 46. I thought everything was right for me – all leather and few seams, makes them easier to clean and re-treat. Also an open tread Vibram sole for muddy UK. Unfortuneately I found out that the right boot cut into my ankle and foot bones – they are still bruised. I initially thought it was the heel support cutting-in, so I returned to my local shop and waited for a replacemement. Upon receipt, I realised that it is a “pattern/cutting” fault and gave them back. The right boot is not a mirror-image of the left. The right boot has 6 to 7 mm more leather on the outside, than the left – damaging the ankle cuff and tounge. I have checked a number of stockists and all have the same problem. Where did quality control team go after the hype and when they started production !!!!!

  • Adam

    I am so amazed that there are negative reviews for these amazing boots. I bought my first pair of these boots about 4 years ago and I wore them literally every single day til the sole wore out. I bought a new pair to replace them and wore them every day til they wore out and now I am online to buy a third pair! They never smell because of the lambs wool and I haven’t bothered to treat or protect them and they still never leak. The only drawback was they did sweat my feet a bit till I changed to better socks.

    I’m a chemistry student so I work long hours on hard floors and walk a lot in an average day. I never have to change my shoes because of weather summer or winter and these boots served me extremely well when Dublin flooded. They are great when hiking they really can take a lot of punishment! I literally wear these shoes everyday unless I have a formal event to go to when I have to wear shoes.

  • richard

    Bought a pair today trying them in the house for a couple days to see what they feel like, I’ve read some reviews which are mixed the bloke at the shop says there is a life time guarantee so how do I register them .

  • Sonya

    Just bought a pair today, had intended on buying approach shoes but tried these on, off-the-cuff. Wow! What a comfortable fit! Unbelievably comfortable! I also tried on the Scarpa and after a few minutes in both, I couldn’t find the difference, excepting Scarpa were more expensive and the leather wasn’t as thick. Needless to say I left the approach shoes behind and ended-up with boots! Women’s size 39.

  • Dolores McEvoy

    Bought a pair of these boots today in the great outdoors and feel very comfortable right away but a little concerned with the reviews, just hope everything the assistant said about them is true and they stand up to the test and my feet don’t get wet, I will back to shop if not

  • Joe Sprocket

    My second pair of these, my friend nicked the first after trying them and saying he wanted to keep them as they were so comfy! Anyway they are still comfy for me straight out of the box however I must state the lovely lambswool insole is not present on this second pair…it’s just a basoc black insole….shame really as the other was so warm. Still a good boot though.