Alite- Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

It’s no secret that here at GWA we have a bit of a soft spot for Alite designs, their Monarch chair was one of our first reviews and since then we’ve been rather beguiled by their philosophy for top quality, innovative design with a big ol’ dose of fun chucked in.

With a name like Sexy Hotness, you know that you are going to be presented with something that is going to cause a grin and a raised eyebrow.

Alite sexy hotness

I could waffle on about the fact they wanted to innovate the sleeping bag market, but seeing as David, their US Head of Marketing told me just this morning over coffee that it was designed for people to have sex in, I might as well just come out and say it too…it’s for people to have some comfy humpy time whilst in the great outdoors! (& you’ll be pleased to know that I managed not to laugh my coffee all over him!)

So as you can see from the above picture (apologies for the fuzziness) the main body of the bag is rather roomy and features a hood for extra warmth, but you’ll also spot that there are some strategically placed zippers. You unzip the middle one to make legs, these will help you walk to the loo should nature calls, but will also get some air into those nether regions. The bottom of the legs feature  extra padding for the feet and are made of a firm, hard wearing material and have loops on them to slip over your feet to aid with walking about.

There are are two further zips at the torso for your arms, great if you fancy a bit of read – the space in between is also a belly pocket. Lastly the V-nick zip is to close the neck area up for added more added snuggliness.

We saw a press release picture of this bag earlier this year that had the various Karma Sutra poses printed on the internal lining (just in case you had any doubts about Alite’s design intentions!) however this version didn’t have that and the verdict is still out as to whether they’ll include it for the European market. David told me today that they were pondering adding a hairy chest and cleavage details to the space in the V-neck…so you can see they really don’t take themselves seriously and let the design and build quality do the serious stuff.

The bags are designed that you can zip two (or more if you are into that kind of thing) together, and errr… get hot!

Here’s some key points…

  • 20° F temperature rating
  • Drawstring hood
  • Arm holes
  • Padded feet and central zipper for…walking!
  • Stuff sack included
  • Lifetime guarantee

Alite Sexy Hotness bag

The picture above shows the stuff sack, which we here at GWA felt was a respectable size – certainly fine for car camping and acceptable to us for a bike trip.

Price: TBC (US version is $169 for one bag)

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