Albedo100 – Reflective Pet Spray

Our resident canine tester, Sam, is black with a smudge of ‘going-grey’ under his muzzle. And we live far away enough from civilisation that, when he runs out in to the garden barking at imaginary badgers in the evening, he disappears in to the darkness where light-pollution does not reach until he’s bored, or the badgers have been vanquised.


So it was with intrigue that I had a chat with Albedo100, makers of a new retro-reflective spray which is suitable for pets and horses.

Made from microscopic glass beads mixed in with medical glue spray (same stuff you get on sticky plasters) the spray lasts for up to a week and transforms your pet from a dark, unlit mass in to a bright, reflective (and much safer) beast that torches or headlights can pick out from far away. If you only need it temporarily, it can be washed out of fur easily.


Gimmick, you may think… but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked “Where’s the dog?” when we’ve been camping, so I can see a genuine use for it.

We’ll have the spray on test over the next few weeks.

Price: £25 (200ml can)
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