Alan Rogers – Best Campsites in Britain & Ireland

Front cover

If you are the type of camper who enjoys pitching up your tent (or caravan) somewhere where you know there will be toilets, at the very least tepid water and some other people to talk to, then the Alan Rogers Guidebooks would make good reading for you.

If you want a campsite in the middle of a woodland, with only you and the mosquitoes as guests… move along.

The Britain & Ireland ‘Best Campsites’ book is jam-packed with listings of commercial sites the length and breadth of these fair isles. And each site is given a very comprehensive description, location and directions, so you’ll know what you’re getting and how you’re getting there.

There’s also a very comprehensive list of each site’s facilities – from Wifi to toilets to dog-exercise areas – and charges per night.

In terms of information, the Alan Rogers Guides can’t be faulted. There’s nothing lacking at all.

The book’s layout is easy to follow and easy to read. The type is quite small, so those with poor eyesight might need some help in low light. However, it does lack photos of each site, which is something I like to see.

There’s definitely still a place for books in this age of internet searches by the likes of Campingninja and Pitchup, and the Alan Rogers Guide is definitely the most comprehensive covering the UK’s main sites.

SUMMARY: If you’re after a commercial campsite in the UK or Ireland, and not something small or off the beaten track then the Alan Rogers Guide is excellent bedside material. You could plan a major tour of the UK with no problem, and know exactly what to expect when you arrived everywhere.