Aclima – Warmwool Hooded Sweater

You have to hand it to the Scandinavians. They know a thing or two about keeping warm, and they’re not afraid to experiment with functional design either.

The Warmwool Hooded Sweater, from Aclima, has won a Scandinavian Outdoor Award because it combines some proven, quality fabrics with excellent manufacture and a bit of a bonkers idea.

It’s a 200g (thick) merino wool base layer which is designed to be warm next to the skin, and be adaptable for massive variations in temperature. Clearly designed to be worn as an only-layer, it’s been fitted with a cavernous smock-style belly pocket to keep hands warm and things handy. And for when that temperature drops, it still has all the insulating and wicking properties you’d expect from merino.

And it has a party piece.


There’s a hood (as the name probably gives away), but it converts from completely folded away, leaving you with a round-neck, to neck gaiter, to full balaclava when the weather is absolutely bracing.

It looks and feels odd at first, but we all sat around and it just ‘clicked’ when we said it’d be perfect for motorbike touring. It’s just so adaptable, and the merino wouldn’t stink after a week’s wear.

Pretty cool, right? We like it a lot.

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Price: £79.95