999 – Emergency Services text message service

Just a short one, but possibly very useful for our UK readers.

Have you ever been anywhere where the phone reception is so low that you can’t make a call, but you can just about fire off an SMS?

Well now you can text 999 in an emergency.

You need to register:
Just text ‘register’ to 999. (yeah, i know that seems weird but I tried it and it works fine).
Then you get a message back which you need to answer.

If you ever go somewhere remote, off-shore, in the hills, this could be a lifesaver.

  • Sean

    This is a weird thing. I don’t know anything about this. How come it hasn’t been more widely publicised, I wonder??

    On a related matter, sometimes when you have no network signal at all, your mobile will come up with ‘Emergency Calls Only’ in place of ‘O2’ or whatever your network is. In other countries, so I believe, you can use other networks for which you are in range (if not your own) to make emergency calls, but not in the UK. Bit harsh of them.

    Sorry, bit of a tangent, but thought it was worth highlighting :o]

  • Well. You’re absolutely right Sean.
    The UK doesn’t have a GSM roaming agreement in place and as such ‘Emergency Calls Only’ won’t work in the UK.
    This makes the text message thing even more useful.