5 most common mistakes made with outdoor stoves

Swedish stove manufacturer Primus has commissioned a study by Strong Roots Training into the most common mistakes made when using an outdoor stove.

primus general

1000 outdoor enthusiasts and instructors were asked “What were the most common mistakes they had come across when using an outdoor stove?”

Here’s the results:

  1. Not allowing a stove to cool after use, or forgetting it’s hot before picking it up.
  2. Using the wrong fuel or not checking the gas bottle fits before use.
  3. Setting up to cook on an uneven surface.
  4. Putting a pan on to boil whilst setting up camp and forgetting about it, allowing it to boil dry and damaging the pots
  5. Refilling a meth’s stove prior to it being extinguished.  (Obviously not a problem with primesstoves that use LP-gas or pressurised liquid petroleum.

Primus will be running stove demonstrations on their standat the 2015 Telegraph Outdoor and Adventure Travel show (OU1136) if you fancy stopping by!