3 Peaks – Dog’s Rambler Coat

Believe me, butter WOULD melt…

Cats in hats and dogs in coats never fail to make me laugh but recently seeing my daft little pooch Sam shiver during cold weather I’ve had to join the league of those who dress their dogs; but at least recent trends in outdoor gear are spreading into doggy fashion so he can sort of look the part.

The large supermarket style chain of pet-supplies called Pets At Home has an own-brand which I’ve noticed has lately replaced the excellent RuffWear on their shelves, so I thought I’d get one of their Rambler Coats to try out.

The coat is made from a material (nylon and lycra) which feels a bit like a softshell and is water resistant. It’s lined with a soft microfleece material, presumably to trap a bit of warm air in it.

Ooh, mud! Let’s roll!

We’ve tested it in the rain and mud and it survives a shower well. It does eventually get sodden, but by putting a hand underneath it you can tell that the dog itself is less wet, and more warm than without the jacket.

Fixed on with a large Velcro tab around the Dog’s neck, and a simple webbing buckle at the side, the jacket is secure at full running-speed and stays on in streams and puddles (both very well tested). It does twist on the dog quite badly, but I don’t see how you could get around this without using leg-straps.

The coat has reflective piping down both sides, which is a nice touch in these darker winder days. But that’s the only notable feature. Amusingly, the packaging says that it’s “Breathable”… which is nice, but dogs don’t sweat! What it does mean that any water that gets under the coat can evaporate more readily.

The Rambler coat is available in red and grey, and is machine washable.

SUMMARY: For what it is, the Rambler coat is well made and simple. It won’t keep your dog that warm, or that dry, but it will help a bit. Irritating when it twists on the dog letting rain get underneath, which may be not helped by the inner surface being a smooth fleece, so probably not going to work over longer periods outdoors. That said, it doesn’t impede the dog in any way, and adds a bit of visibility. Middle of the road, but decent for the price.


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  • Tim T

    Did you have a bet to see who could get the words doggy fashion into their post?

  • Jane

    My dog also has one of these coats which he absolutely loves. It is very lightweight and flexible so I would be tempted to try this on a dog that had not been keen on dog coats in the past.

    I think, however that you may have missed a trick with the whole ‘breathable’ thing. This came into it’s own when my dog became cold after going for a swim. We were out all day so to warm him up I bunged his coat on. Within a surprisingly short time he was dry – even under his coat! Blooming marvelous if you ask me!

    • lindsay fairhurst

      beg to differ about the rambler coat, i bought one for my beagle and it is terrific ,its been worn in the mountains of glencoe on numerous occcasions and it kept my hound totally dry where as was soaked through ,sizing is a bit dodgy but apart from that its great

      • Jackie

        I agree with Jane and Lindsay. I am a dog walker and my Vizsla & Dobermann have the 3 Peaks coats. In pouring rain and heavy snow they have both come home totally dry under the coat and toasty warm! The best coat I have ever bought in my many years of having dogs. Highly recommend them.

        • andrew

          I have two of these soft shell coats for my border collie lurchers. They are excellent. They keep the dogs comfortable in cold and/or wet conditions.

  • Hilster

    I have these 3 peaks Rambler coats for my two Westhighland White Terriers. They are not to heavy a coat and keep them lovely and dry and not too thick that when they run around they get overheated. Only one problem I had is they are not suitable for the Harness my two wear, they are only made to be worn with a neck collar, as there is no hole on the back to fit the lead through. I had to measure and cut a hole in each coat and sew around the hole to secure the edge so they would not fray. Other than that I have to say I think these are the best Lightweight coats around for the price.

  • LUKE

    I agree that these coats are great. I am not one who usually puts coats on my dogs (German Shepard, Jack Russell x bichon fries + Fenlander) but when it is chucking it down it keeps them dry saving mess in my house on our return!! The coat is very thin and light so easy to keep in a day pack while on longer walks / treks. I was out today in heavy rain and while the coats were soaked (and they are a few years old) the dogs were still dry underneath them! I just wished they did a bigger size, the XXL is a bit small for the shepard, and he isn’t big for his breed.

  • EL

    I also love this coat! Keeps my Shivs dry even in winter storms, and cool & dry in summer rain. Doesn’t twist around at all either! Would defo recommend. el