Silva – Sprint Plus headtorch

In number terms, it kicks out 1030 Lumen, which is enough to stop most ‘my torch is bigger than your torch’ conversations, but what it does with those Lumen is more impressive. A central extremely intense LED throws out a spot of light bright enough to run, cycle or pinpoint your lost keys with at 30 metres away. Four smaller LEDs then add a wide angle of light so that you get an excellent sense of depth. You don’t need to move your head around in order to see things off to the sides of the trail.

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Gerber – Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

The thing about these so-called Survival kits is that, unless you’re an 8-year old boy or genuinely in mortal fear of somehow becoming stranded miles from civilisation, they’re largely unnecessary.

Of course, there will be people reading this who will, at some point, have to resort to making a wire snare to catch rabbits in order to survive… but I’ll wager that they’re few and far between.

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GoSystem – Explorer Lite lantern

The lovely orange anodised valve on the unit unscrews from the lantern itself and threads on to the gas, nice and snug. Making sure the piezo ignition bit is lined up properly on the lantern, this whole unit then screws on to valve you’ve just fitted.
A clear plastic surround then pops over and around the burner (mine was cracked out of the box – design flaw or clumsy handlers?) and a small metal lid clips over the top of everything and locks underneath.

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