Schedule for Reviews – Forward Features

GearWeAre doesn’t operate a proper schedule like most outdoor magazines.  We like to be vaguely relevant though… so here’s a rough guidelines – We do make exceptions if we like the product.

November – Rain gear.

December – Christmas Gifts under £30.

January – Winter walking. Lights and lamps.

February – Travel to the sun. Warm winter gear.

March – Easter camping. Motorbike touring.

April – Wet Weather Special. Duke of Edinburgh kit.

May – Gap Year travel. Backpacking gear.

June – Festivals and Glamping.

July – Family Camping. Car Camping

August – Adventure Travel.

September – Escape the kids – Couple camping.

October – 3-season special. Thermal and warmer gear.


The lead time on a review is 2-4 weeks depending on the product and how busy we are.


Stuff we like all the time

Tools, hats, gadgets, navigation gear, dog gear, travel products, photography gear, safety gear, lights, motorcycle gear, anything new and exciting.