Outwell portable toilets offer a passport to freedom

Outwell portable toilets offer a passport to freedom Outwell portable toilets offer a passport to freedom www.gearweare.com

There are a fair number of superb simple, campsites in beautiful areas that are often overlooked due to their lack of facilities. No matter how rufty tufty a camper you think you are sometimes you really need to know that there is a loo.

The folk over at Outwell have sent us a press release which may well be the solution to this conundrum – an Outwell portable toilet.

outwell portable loo

They also say that their handy small chemical toilets are also a Godsend for families with small children, who do not want to trek across a campsite when making a late night or early morning comfort call.

The Outwell portable toilet options include the 20L Portable Toilet (pictured above, right)   which they say is perfect for family use; the 10L Portable Toilet (centre) which Outwell say is perfect for weekends and a touring couple; and the simple 7L Portable Toilet (left).

Both the top-of-the range 20L Portable Toilet and smaller model with a 10-litre holding tank are made from tough polyethylene and the compact design makes them convenient to transport. The main body features a sturdy yet comfortable toilet seat with lid and a bellows flush pump fed by the integral clean water tank. Outwell Toilet Water Refresher can be added to this to keep the water free from bacteria and provide a fresh and fragrant smell.

The main body connects to the holding tank with large, easy-to-operate catches that hold both tightly together. The holding tank has a slide valve to prevent leakage when transporting to a chemical disposal point and a large waste outlet and built-in handle for easy emptying. Outwell Toilet Waste Fluid is added to the water in the holding tank to help break down solids and provide anti-bacterial action that works with its fresh fragrance to minimise unpleasant odours.

The 7L Portable Toilet comprises a seat and bucket with lid is also manufactured in tough plastic. The simple, compact design is perfect for overnight use.

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