New name & new features – introducing the Primus Lite+

New name & new features - introducing the Primus Lite+ New name & new features – introducing the Primus Lite+

The Lite what? Well here’s a brief history lesson; in 2014 Primus (pretty sure you’ve heard of them!) introduced a little all-in-one stove called the Eta Lite which was a bit of a success, however they hit a bit of a bump with the name (someone, somewhere got a bit upset). So for 2015 the Eta Lite has received a little update and been renamed the Lite+ .

PrimusSo what’s new? The Lite+ comes with a new heat resistant sleeve in durable G-1000 with felt lining. The sleeve is available in five different colours and features a webbing handle, meaning you can also use the stove suspended if the ground is a bit wobbly.

It features a unique ‘Triangle Joint’ locking mechanism (patent pending) which ensures super-easy handling and thanks to the Laminar Flow Burner Technology (also patent pending!), the stove has a lower centre of gravity  resulting in a more stable, lighter and compact unit.

The stove is the perfect size for a solo trip or it’ll happily make tea for two. If you are of the coffee pursuasion then you can also splash the cash on the additional coffee press, (£9) which makes two cups of fresh coffee

Watch a video of the stove in action here

The stove and all accessories, including a 100-gram gas cartridge, fit into the 500 ml hard anodized aluminium pot with integrated heat exchanger and wind protection. The lid cuts cooking times and handily keeps all the parts securely in place in when packed. The Lite+ also includes a foot support for added stability on uneven surfaces and a suspending cord.

Price: £110 (SRP)

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