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About GearWeAre aims to slowly become the go-to independent source of outdoor gear reviews and guides. Since September 2010 we’ve grown – completely organically and for less than the price of a good curry – to a respectable size. We’re not the biggest site, but we’re different.

We’re run by an outdoor industry creative (Daniel Chabert – Editor) and a publishing specialist (Jane – Admin), and we have a bunch of 15 trusted reviewers who we team up with the right gear for their interests.


We could quote you lots of impressive sounding numbers, like hits and data transferred from the site. But we think that they’re largely nonsense and the only one that matters is the number of unique visitors per month.

  • – 61000 unique visitors per month (July 2015)
  • 290,000 page views per month
  • 10,000,000 pages viewed

How we work

When you send us items to review, we typically take 2-4 weeks to produce a review, depending on the item and the context of the review.

We can organise a ‘quickie’ much faster, which is basically a first-impression and a couple of your marketing statements. This won’t involve testing.

If you are a retailer providing gear, we will link back to your online retail site.
If you a brand or PR sending gear, we will link back to your brand website.

All items are sent on a permanant basis: We can return any gear which you need back, but we ask that you pay for return postage and insure the items. You also need to tell us in advance, so we don’t destruction-test the items!

We can also organize competitions, giveaways and promotions.


Our readership

We deliberately remove the technical waffle from our reviews in order to appeal to novice and intermediate level outdoors enthusiasts. We don’t aim to cater for pro users.

Our Facebook fans are skewed 61% female to 39% male.
85% of our fans are between 25-55.
90% are UK based, and then USA comprises most of the rest of our fan-base.

Why GearWeAre?

Well, why not? The brands who have worked with us so far have said some pretty nice things, and so have our readers.

Review policy:

We reserve the right to refuse any product for review.
Sending us gear does not mean it will get reviewed.
And it certainly doesn’t mean that it’ll get an artificially positive review – even if we really like you and want to be friends.
We will only enter relationships with companies and individuals associated with the outdoors. No male-enhancement, fake designer watches or otherwise irrelevant nonsense. We could have Google Ads for that…
No links to sites featuring pornographic or illegal content will be accepted.