LifeStraw Launch 10th Anniversary Steel Edition

LifeStraw Launch 10th Anniversary Steel Edition LifeStraw Launch 10th Anniversary Steel Edition

LifeStraw have released a rather swanky stainless steel version of their personal water filter to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  This steel version is an advanced version of the LifeStraw personal filter launch back in 2005.


It is encased in a durable and sleek, metallic blue and silver stainless steel exterior, and features a two-stage water filtration process which reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor in addition to removing bacteria and protozoa.


LifeStraw Steel is lightweight and portable, weighing just 113 grams and measuring 20 centimeters long by 2.5 centimeters wide. In the first stage of the two-stage filtration process an activated carbon filter traps chlorine, while the second stage features hollow fiber technology to trap pathogens, and let only filtered water escape. LifeStraw Steels meets US FDA standards, is chemical free and requires no electrical power or batteries.

The launch of LifeStraw Steel coincides with the second annual mass distribution of high-volume LifeStraw Community purifiers to schools in western Kenya without access to safe water on school grounds. This distribution is made possible through LifeStraw’s program, ‘Follow the Liters’. Through this program, a portion of the revenue from each LifeStraw consumer product sold is used to provide one school child in a developing country with safe drinking water for an entire school year.

LifeStraw steel

This year’s Follow the Liters distribution program began in rural Kenya on November 2. Over a seven-day period, 14 teams including trained health workers, visited 330 schools in Kenya’s western province to distribute 2,549 LifeStraw Community water purifiers and educate students and teachers on safe water practices. Combined with last year’s distribution, more than 361,000 school aged children in the region now have sustainable access to safe water.

LifeStraw Steel is available for sale via their website and will also be available in retail stores across Europe.

LifeStraw tell us that the Steel is an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts and international travellers, so if you haven’t written your letter to Santa yet…

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