What is a 4-season tent?

What does “4-season tent” mean? All year use in any condition (except for extremes – where you’ll need an Expedition tent).

A 4-season tent should feature very strong poles which brace into a wind-proof structure. Its design will be honed to protect doors and ventilation from weather, and all materials and finishes should be excellent. Look for a lot of reinforcement at pressure points like peg-loops, pole loops and around zippers.

4-season can be a little misleading, since a tent designed to cope with snow and wind is often over-specced for summer use. Perhaps thing of 4-season to mean Winter.

Waterproof tents are standard, with materials being treated or coated (or both) to withstand hard, driving rain. Hydrostatic Head ratings will be above 3000.

A 4-season tent’s groundsheet should be rated very highly indeed to protect from wet ground.

If you’re considering purchasing a 4-season tent, it would be worth taking specialist advice from your local outdoor retailer.