What is a 3-season tent?

What does “3-season tent” mean? Adaptable every-man camping for Spring, Summer and Autumn.

A 3-season tent is designed to keep the British weather off you during the camping ‘season’ from Easter to September.

A 3-season tent will typically have 2-layers – an inner tent and flysheet – and be waterproof above 2000mm on the Hydrostatic Head gauge. It will also usually have taped seams to stop rain coming in through sewing holes.

Poles used in 3-season tents should be strong enough to hold their structure in a light gale, as long as the tent is pegged down properly. Tough guy-lines and reinforced pegging points should be a feature.

Depending on the design of the tent, a 3-season tent will probably have some form of ventilation to allow condensation to escape, which can often be closed to keep out the cold.

A porch of some sort is often found on 3-season tents to allow for storage of wet items and cooking in the rain.

There is a vast difference within the range of tents claiming to be ‘3-season’, so check that any tent you choose will be suitable for the types of weather you plan to camp in.

A 3-season tent is the best purchase for the novice camper, since it provides the widest range of possibilities for use.

For use in winter, in storm conditions or snow, you will need a 4-season tent.