What is a 1-season tent?

What does “1-season tent” mean? Summer use only.

A 1-season tent is designed to separate you from any solid objects which might want to drop on you or eat you.

They are essentially zip-up mosquito nets, although some have a groundsheet to stop damp grass seeping through.

It is usually made from some sort of mesh so you can maximise airflow on hot summer days.

They are suitable as Summer tents only – cool, damp Spring and Autumn nights will leave you suffering. 1-season tents won’t protect you from wind and rain – you will get wet and cold and miserable if the weather turns.

They can be quite difficult to find because most manufacturers call a 1-season tent a mesh-tent or mosquito tent.

If you need a tent which is waterproof, you need to get something 2/3 season or greater.

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