Festival survival guide

It’s summer, you’ve arrived at the music festival with your friends, pitched up your tent and soaked up the atmosphere accompanied with a pint of cider: bliss. But do you have everything you need to survive a weekend of vile toilets, sweaty summer days and hangovers from hell? This is a guide what to take with you, and what to leave at home.

8540650235_d48a2d297cLet’s start with the bare essentials – a tent. Ideally you’ll want to make sure that that it comes with a ground sheet and a top sheet to keep you dry. With Glastonbury’s reputation of becoming a flooded mud pit, making sure you order a waterproof tent is a must. Do a test-run by putting up the tent in your garden before you leave, checking that all pieces are present and intact.

It can get cold at night even in the summer, so keep yourself cosy with a sleeping bag and if you get too warm, you can sleep on top of it. There are plenty of warm sleeping bags available on the market; a compressible two season sleeping bag should suffice.  If you have room in your luggage, bring a pillow with you to avoid getting a cramp in your neck. Alternatively, pack a towel and even if you don’t end up using the on-site showers, you can use it as a pillow. A cheap foam mat or a lilo will help you sleep better on hard, uneven ground.

Take a high factor sunscreen, UV protected sunglasses and a hat or scarf to protect your head; you’ll be outside all day watching bands in the sun, a weekend with sunstroke is a waste of a ticket and you’ll feel awful! Don’t forget medication, hay fever tablets, asthma inhalers and contraception pills. If you need them usually; be sure to pack them before setting off.  Packing a mini medical kit is a good idea, this should include; anti-septic for cuts and scrapes, plasters and pain killers to treat those nasty hangovers.

You can’t lock a tent so take as few things as possible, although you may need a camera, phone, house keys and wallet but try keep them on you at all time in a bag that fastens with a zip. The majority of festivals have a cash machine on-site but don’t rely on this, take enough cash to last you the entire weekend and you’ll avoid the queues too. Take a rucksack to avoid traipsing across the field back to your tent and carry a small water bottle in your bag, out of the sun and refill it for free with the taps on site.

Bin liners are a camper’s best friend; the uses for them are endless! Use them to keep stuff dry, to sit on and keep your bum from getting muddy, to tidy up after yourself or to make a fashionable festival rain poncho.

Toilet roll is seen as fair game at music festivals, so guard it with your life and keep it on you at all times. Pack some basic toiletries; tooth brush, tooth paste and deodorant; mini bottles and tubes are available at major supermarkets for those packing light. Toilets might not always come with soap but you can still keep your hands germ free, wipe toilet seats and washing yourself with baby wipes.

Last but not least, don’t forget your festival ticket; otherwise this post is pretty redundant!