Camping climbs as holiday of choice

Camping climbs as holiday of choice Camping climbs as holiday of choice

A recent survey of 2,831 campers by Go Outdoors  found that 38% had been camping in the last month, but an epic 80% had been in the last year. A impressive 58% said they head out for a night under canvas more than 3 times a year, whatever the weather.

Nearly half of those questioned (48%) considered themselves to be camping veterans of more than 20 years, whilst 20% had only started camping in the past 5 years.


These figures suggest that not only is camping continuing to be popular among a wide range of age groups but that it is attracting plenty of new recruits.

The poll also tried to explore what inspired people to camp in the first place, asked to list the top 5 reasons why they chose to go camping 61% said they wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, 56% cited cost and 53% said camping provided a good opportunity to enjoy quality family time. 51% said that it was compatible with their other outdoor hobbies and 46% claimed it was the closeness to nature that inspired them.

Sinead Miller, Digital Marketing Manager at Go Outdoors says “This really bodes well for the future of camping in the UK and suggests that events such as music festivals are helping to boost its popularity amongst youngsters.”

More than two-thirds of those surveyed were aged between 30-49, with 45% of those aged under 19 saying they camped more than 5 times a year. The Lake District was the UKs number one destination followed by Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands. Of those surveyed 35% also camped abroad, with France being the most popular destination followed by Spain, Germany and Italy.

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