GearWeAre isn’t run to make vast piles of money. We do it because we enjoy testing out new gear, and it’s important that our reviews remain unbiased and honest.

You’ll notice that we don’t have any advertising on our front page or reviews. The only exceptions to this are the inclusion of a “From” link to a retailer site IF the gear has been supplied for test by that retailer, and our competition link.

However, it does cost quite a bit to run the site, so we have made the opportunity for brands to work with us in 2 ways.

Monthly Competition

We will be running a competition each calendar month. The link to the competition will appear in the right-hand menu structure of the site, and thus be visible on every page.


The image for the competition is 365px x 150px, and can be a JPEG, PNG or GIF with a file size of less than 35kb. The image can feature your brand logo along with a ‘WIN’ statement and the prize.

Additionally, there will be an image representing the prize on the competition page.

Cost is £100 for a calendar month.

Sponsored Guides

Our Guides are written in an easy to read, but SEO optimised fashion in order that they rank well on human-style searches on Google. For example, go to and type in “how to re waterproof a goretex jacket“; our page usually comes up as a high result.


We’re looking for relevant, useful tie-ins with brands for these guides. If you represent a backpack company, consider sponsoring a guide on how to fit a backpack – we’ll use pictures of your pack and link to your site.

We will write the guide, possibly with your help if it’s very technical. We will veto any marketing-speak-gobbledegook.


We will only consider relevant sponsors for each guide. If you make water bottles, you can’t sponsor a walking-boot guide. We want to add value to our readers, not plaster the site with your brand name. We reserve the right to refuse any advertiser, for any reason.

Does sponsoring mean I get a good review?

Nope. If you send us crap gear to review, we’ll say it’s crap. The best way to avoid this is to not send us crap gear. Sponsoring a guide will make us happy, but not biased.


Contact us for prices.

Cool. What now?

Email us to get things moving – [email protected]


What kind of guide can I sponsor?

Have a look at our existing guide selection here, or we’ve made a list of the kind of suggested guide title which would work well.

Bags, packs:
What size backpack do I need / to take travelling / 
How to fit a backpack
how to fit a backpack correctly
how to fit a backpacking pack
how to fit a backpack properly
measuring a backpack
measuring a backpack for torso length
measuring a backpack for fit
How to wear a backpack
How to pack a rucksack
How to pack a suitcase
How to pack light
how to pack a rucksack for duke of edinburgh
what size backpack
what size backpack to take travelling
what size backpack do I need
what size backpack for X weeks holiday
what size rucksack 
what size rucksack for backpacking
what size rucksack do I need
what size rucksack for festival
what size rucksack for camping
how big a rucksack do I need for glastonbury

How do you wash goretex
How to re waterproof a jacket
how to re waterproof a tent
how to re waterproof gore tex
how to re waterproof a raincoat
How to re waterproof clothing
How to waterproof a tent
How to waterproof a jacket/boots/a coat
fabric care symbols guide
how to wash a waterproof jacket
washing waterproofs
washing waterproof trousers
washing waterproof coats
repairing waterproof jacket / trousers / canvas
How to stay warm in winter
How to stay cool in summer
How to stay cool in hot weather

How to choose walking boots / hiking boots / walking shoes
How to waterproof walking boots
Leather vs textile boots
How to waterproof a fabric boot
How to waterproof a leather boot
How to dry walking boots
How to choose boots
How to choose socks
How to treat blisters
How to prevent blisters
How to wear orthotics
How to wear crampons
what is the difference between trail, approach and climbing shoes

Canvas tent waterproofing
How to choose a tent
How to choose a stove
How to choose a sleeping bag
How to measure a tent's waterproofing
How to start a fire
How to choose a sleeping bag / for camping / for backpacking
How to choose a sleeping mat / pad
How to care for a sleeping bag
How to care for a self-inflating mattress
How to fix a punctured airbed
Where to camp
Where to camp at Glastonbury/ in UK/ in France/ in England
How to pitch a tent / peg a tent / peg out a tent
How to pitch a tunnel tent
How to pitch a tent in the rain
How to pitch a tent in sand / snow / a storm
How to stay cool in a tent
How to use a tent heater / how to heat a tent
How to use a tent guy line
How to use a tent footprint
How to use a tent stove

How to use a compass
How to use a map and compass
How to read a map
How to use a GPS / Handheld GPS
How to use a headtorch
How to filter water
How to make water safe to drink / taste better

How to use a gas BBQ
How to use a camping stove / gas stove / can opener / shower / toilet

Packing Lists
What to pack for holiday
What to pack for a festival
What to pack for camping
What to pack for Glastonbury
Camping packing list for couples /  family / touring / backpacking

Not tested on Google yet

Best way to pitch a tent in wind
Polycotton vs synthetic tents
Tent pole guide
How to peg on hard ground
Best festival tent
Best winter tent
How to pack a wet tent
How to store a tent
Tent heaters
Best lanterns
Winter camping guide