Love We’ve Had

Need convincing that GearWeAre can work with your brand?

We’ve been getting a great response from brands and readers. Here are some of our favourite.

From Brands:

“You’re talented writers!  I want to put this review up on the Polartec Facebook page… I think this is fun”
SpringPRPolartec’s UK agency

“GearWeAre: Best review of the Packing List App – insightful and funny – thanks a lot ! ”

“@gearweare these guys have been doing a brilliant job of demystifying outdoor gear since…recently”
@candidsolutions (UK PR for Hokaoneone, Garmont, Falke, Edelrid and Conformable)

“GearWeAre’s site is different – every review is fun and easy to read like you’re talking in the pub”
Real PR – Smartwool, KoziKidz, Sprayway,  

“Really like your site – style, tone of reviews, humour, etc”

“I can see I am going to have fun with you guys!”

“Thanks ever so much for the beautifully written review.”

“Will you stop mucking around with that site and spend some time with me!”
Andy’s wife

Thanks again for the review – some useful learning points in there for us!


From readers:

“My favourite review is for the Womens Berghaus Ridgeway Waterproof Jacket ( ). It’s a clear and concise review and it covers everything you need to know, including the basics of waterproof jackets for those of us who are not yet well versed in all the jargon! The jacket has obviously been well tested in different weather conditions and in different postures, such as with raised arms, which makes me smile thinking of testers in hot pink jackets throwing their arms wildly in the air for the sake of a thorough review! And perhaps most importantly for a girly girl like me, the review actually looks at the style and fit, which a lot of reviews fail to mention! It’s great to read a review which lets you know whether you’ll still be able to look feminine in a piece of active-wear (and whether, of course, your bum will be appropriately covered when leaning forward!)”

“My current favourite review is “Bobble – Water Bottle with Filter” ( because this is an item I’ve
been thinking about but wasn’t sure how effective it is. This is a very informative review which says all a prospective purchaser needs to know to make up their mind! It is important to know that it is for safe tap water only, not water from any old river, etc. I’ve decided it’s not really what I’m after so it’s saved me a lot (for me!) of money.
Keep up the good work – it’s great to really have items tested by independent people and then reviewed – I get the feeling I can trust you guys!”

“My favourite review is Jodie’s review of the Brasher Women’s Trekking Socks, for the humour and attention to detail, also because she sounds like the kind of person I’d get along with!

“My favourite review is for BYO Shower – anti-microbial travel body wash. Andy’s review is humorous and really informative. He obviously knows exactly what it’s like to be away from any useable showers for a while and it sounds as though he put this product through a good test. I’ve been in that position a number of times and hate the feeling of sharing my smelliness with others.”

“The Trekmates Pak Poncho review because it’s incredibly detailed for something as simple as a poncho and really leaves no question unanswered!”

“I enjoyed reading the Compression Top review. I chuckled as the writer described his shape (lumps and bumps), which was much more realistic of the average body shape than the picture of the model. The review was very honest and not one sided, leaving the reader to make an informed choice whether to purchase or not (I decided not to). Great to read ‘real’ reviews.”