Editorial Policy – Guest reviews and Syndication

December 2016 – Version 1.2

Guest reviews

GearWeAre.com test, review & Compare gear.

Guest reviews are normally invited when the item for testing is unsuitable for use by one of our reviewers, there exists some conflict of interest, or we are too busy.

On occasion, GearWeAre.com will accept guest reviews from third parties for publication, where the following criteria are met:

  • There is no financial, political or commercial relationship between the reviewer and the brand/product being reviewed.
  • The review content is original, non-plagiaristic and truthful.
  • The review is not libellous, unthruthful or malicious. All negative comments must be backed up by evidence and be framed in a constructive context.
  • The author retains the copyright to their review, but grants GearWeAre.com, it’s publishers and syndicating publications a pertpetual use of the content (words and pictures) under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
  • By submitting any guest review, you agree to all these conditions.

We do not guarantee that your review will be published. We reserve the right to not publish, or remove any review at any time for any reason.

Syndication of Reviews

We will consider syndicating reviews – usually in part form – for republishing with a link back to GearWeAre.com in certain circumstances:

  • Where we deem the publication to be a good ‘fit’ with GearWeAre.com
  • Where the publication does not contain or condone any illegal, pornographic or questionable materials
  • Where it is non-competitive with GearWeAre.com
  • Where we consider it beneficial, for whatever reason.

We reserve the right to refuse any syndication, for whatever reason, without explanation or discussion.

Submitted guest reviews will not be syndicated. Commissioned guest reviews (ones where we supplied the gear for testing) may be syndicated.