Who We Are?

GearWeAre.com was launched at the beginning of September 2010 with just one aim: to tell people what’s good – and what’s rubbish – in the world of the outdoors.

Our reviewers are not paid a penny, so you can be sure that we will tell it like it is. We always try to match the reviewer to the product to give a ‘real-world’ review and explain how a product made our lives better.

The Culprits

Daniel Chabert- Editor of GearWeAre.com, Ultramarathon runner, camper and outdoor addict
Brian Price – Editor of GearWeAre.com – trail runner and lover of all things shooting and outdoors.
Muz – A journalist with years’ of experience in reviewing everything from festivals to campsite toilets
Mrs Muz – Hardcore camper, festival goer and biker, she manages to look good with morning breath, and brings an air of sophistication to the site
Sam – He’s a dog, so he tests out all our dog gear.
Isabella & Rhiannon – A hard wearing 2 year and her hardcore outdoors-loving mum test out gear for small and, err, slightly bigger people whilst hiking and biking.
Giles – A professional photographer and outdoorsman, Giles writes TheActivePhotographer.com
Dan – A journalist, long distance runner and kick boxing master, he expects a lot from his gear

Our Reviews

As well as featuring all our reviews on GearWeAre.com, we send every one over to our sexy little Facebook site, our Twitter feed, our RSS feed, and a number of blog logs.

Your Gear on Gear We Are

If you represent a brand, click here for more information on featuring your gear on GearWeAre.com. Once you’ve read that, drop an email to [email protected] and say Hi.