Klecker/CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit


Minnie, aged eight, made short work of putting it together and, interestingly, treated it naturally with respect as though it was a real knife. Neat psychology. She needed a little help in pushing through the wooden dowels as they were so tight but she made the point they had to be, “Or else the knife would fall apart”. Good job the ‘helpful’ adult didn’t start sanding parts. Read more…


Mammut – Nova Advanced High II GTX Boots

They’re Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lined, so the boots are that lovely combination of breathable and waterproof that British weather demands. This particular flavour of Gore is designed to give good breathability for longer-term wear (i.e. all-day boots), and it works pretty well. The high ankle of the boot will cause a little more heat than a low- or mid-boot though. Read more…


Aclima – WoolNet T-Shirt

Nipples! There, I’ve said it and gotten it out of the way now. Let’s dwell no more on them and move right along to what makes this innovative Scandinavian undergarment so good…
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gregory maya

Gregory – Maya 32 Backpack

The Maya 32 is from Gregory’s Active Trail category and is designed specifically for women and not just by making it pink (other colours are available) which would have been the easy option, and I have to say the option taken by a quite few other manufacturers out there – ‘Shrink & Pink’ being the norm for some!
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Suunto – Core Watch with Compass

Firstly, and perhaps most-often used by me, it has a digital compass. You simply align the bottom and top lines with something on the horizon and it shows you that bearing. Simple and effective. It’s absolutely not a replacement for a compass because it has a deviation of 5-degrees, but it is really useful for guesstimating and making sure you’re still heading in vaguely the right direction. Read more…

teko socks

Teko – Runfit Evapor8 Socks

More surprises came when I came to peel the socks off. Normally, when clad in bog-standard black office-wear numbers, socks end up a rather soggy affair. But, when I shed my shoes I found my feet were comfortably dry – and cooler than I’d expect after an hour’s run.
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Snugpak – TS1 Smock

The first thing you notice when you put on the TS1 is the arrangement of pockets and velcro on the belly. It feels odd – unlike many other jackets – but makes absolutely perfect sense when you put a backpack on. There’s a large zippered pocket across the whole belly which is plenty big enough for maps, notebooks and the like. And underneath that is a dual pocket for phone and other small items which is secured by a simple, glove-friendly, Velcro strap. The larger of these 2 pockets easily takes my Samsung Note, and the smaller is perfect for an emergency flapjack!
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Harvey Maps – Shropshire Way

The map itself is printed on waterproof plastic, and several thorough soakings haven’t so much as weakened it. And because it’s printed directly on to the plastic, it’s much less weighty and slim than a laminated paper map.
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I decided in fairness to the Bottleshower that a little bit of further research regards the disaster/relief scenario was required and I can now understand the benefits of being able to shower – it reduces disease, stops spread of illness and being clean does general make you feel better – something I imagine not to be underestimated if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost all your worldly belongings.
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Smartwool – Women’s Metallic Striped Sleuth Socks

I know some of you out there may be wondering what is the point of such barely there sock. If you are one of those may I request you look down and see if you are wearing socks pulled high with your sandals? If you are, then I suspect regardless of what I might say next you won’t ever get the point.
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Grip Pro Trainer – Hand strengthener

I have weak little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms which does me no good when I’m hanging off the wall and the burn has set in. So I’ve been playing with the Grip Pro Trainer for the last month… Read more…

hoka one one

Hoka One One – Womens Tor Ultra Hi WP

The first thing you notice, when you try them on, is that they are instantly comfortable. With their ground breaking blend of running shoe cushioning, their meta rocker geometry and reinforced toe bumper, synthetic overlays and nylon mesh and leather ankle support, these boots are so comfortable I was reluctant to take them off Read more…


Snugpak – TravelPak 3

The Travelpak’s party piece is a mesh covering for your entire face. It means that the mosquitoes which buzz around in your tent/hostel can’t make a meal of your mush or crawl in during the day. And actually I found it really comforting when I had to sleep in my car – so people couldn’t see me sleeping. Possibly a weird paranoia, but hey ho.
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Buff – Water 2 Gloves

There are few things less fun in life than having blisters on the palms of your hands. Not only does it render you incapable of doing much useful for a while but it also invites the inevitable lewd jokes from […] Read more…


Silky – Pocket Boy Saw

In use the Pocket Boy will cut through tree branches with incredible ease. It doesn’t really matter if they are green or seasoned wood because it doesn’t stop for breath on either. If you need to gather wood for a campfire, there are few quicker ways to do it that with a Silky.
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Tyny Tools – Swivel Clips

We found the swivel clips to be really useful in our tent where they would clip to an internal gear line and make it a little bit easier to hang personal items from the roof overnight. And actually they are just as useful to leave on your key ring and give you a handy little hanger for when you get home and hang your keys up.
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GoToob – 3 Pack

A packet of 3 GoToobs – each of which contains 1.25 ounces of liquid – would be enough for my average 2 week vacation and the fact that they screw down and close nice and tightly would fill me with confidence that they would not leak in my bag. A hard squeeze-test doesn’t produce any leaks.
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