UST – BASE all-weather tarp

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Configuring the BASE tarp is a task to bring joy to the heart of any knot afficionado. The bag it comes in has a couple of handy ideas for ways that you can use the guylines, trees or even your walking poles to create a shelter. I prefer the old mucking-around until you’ve got bored approach myself. Read more…


Lifeventure – Ellipse plate and cutlery set

The knife has good serrations on it but it makes hard work of fine slicing due to its thickness; the fork similarly is sharp enough at the pointy end but it too feels clumsy when stabbing your errant cherry tomatoes; and the spoon feels big in the mouth somewhat like an enlarged baby spoon.
Nevertheless they seem to be strong enough to do the job and you don’t feel at risk of breaking or bending them on a particularly well done sausage or resilient lump of cheddar. Read more…


Xtorm – Yu Charger

In practice, the Yu charges pretty well for its size. It’s certainly more efficient than many solar chargers from a couple of years ago – technology moves on – and if you had a less intense device or demand, then it would work well as a top-up charger. It will certainly allow you a couple more facebook updates and instagram sessions than you would normally be able to get after a day’s normal British hiking. It isn’t, however, a “my only source of power” option for longer trips or less clement weather. That would be more suited to its big brother, the Lava Charger, which we’ll be reviewing shortly.
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Pure Lime – Movement Racerback Tank & Speed Capris

The tank top is not only gorgeous-looking, it’s super-comfortable. It wicks sweat away better than anything else I’ve ever worn for running (and I sweat a LOT when it’s warm). I stayed comfortable for the whole 13.1 miles. No uncomfortable damp feeling, even when the little superstar with the super-soaker gave me a much-appreciated drenching halfway round.
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Berghaus eco woven

Outdoor Show 2014

Here are some news and quickies from this years Outdoor Show 2014, Europe’s largest outdoor industry trade show… we’re having a look at the gear which will hit shelves in 2015, including some footwear, apparel and accessories. Read more…


Smartwool – Ultralight Crew Sock

I must confess to not being much of a brand officianado, and really couldn’t understand his love for this brand. However having been sent a set of his n’ hers Ultralight Crew socks and having now worn my own pair 6/7 times I do rather get it. Read more…


Coleman – Galileo 5 Tent

The remainder of the space is gargantuan for a 5-man tent. It’s easily big enough for 6 camping chairs and a game of poker, or a proper table setup. In real world terms it’s also plenty big enough for husbands to stay out of the way quite effectively too. Read more…


BEET IT – High Nitrate Shots and Bars

The idea is that eating nitrate-rich foods can increase natural nitric oxide (NO) production. Why would athletes want to do this? Because NO relaxes and widens blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow to organs and tissues. Which, in turn, delivers more oxygen and nutrients.

That’s a Very Good Thing if you’re a sporty type, particularly if you’re one of the crazies who does ultramarathons, long runs and epic cycles.
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Montane – Women’s Glacier Vest

after one particularly cold March afternoon spent, for some inexplicable reason atop Crinkle Crags, I liberated my husband’s own gilet from his rucksack and saved myself from frostbite (small exaggeration) and was an immediate convert… Read more…


Opinel – DIY Folding Knife

The plastic handle I’m fine with – it takes this knife from being a cherished thing to pass on to your firstborn when they reach twelve, to being more of a utilitarian tool. A little less special and a little more robust. The sort of thing you’d happily chuck in your toolbox and use when you needed something more sturdy than a Stanley knife.
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CampingGaz – Bistro 300

This one pot CampingGaz stove is a big step up from the wobbly canister types I recall using during my early forays into camping. If you like your life a bit on the wild side, with perilously balanced pots you’ll probably not want to read any further.
However, if like me you like the reassurance of your dinner staying put whilst cooking then read on, as this may well be the stove for you! Read more…


SteriPEN – Freedom Water Purifier

The Freedom comes with a natty little solar-charger, which is about the same size as an iPod, and uses a USB lead to connect to the Pen. It takes around 18 hours to charge the SteriPEN, but from that charge you get 40 purification cycles, so it would indeed work OK if you strapped it out in the sun on a prolonged trip.
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Klean Kanteen – vacuum insulated flask

At just 355ml/12oz this little old flask  doesn’t exactly throw it’s weight around, but those that know they are good at something don’t usually feel the need to be all gobby and in your face. The labels attached to this […] Read more…


Cyba-lite – Lightstar 120 Torch

I suspect that this is an accident of the design, rather than intended – is that the top edge surrounding the bulb is crenelated, meaning that when rested downwards on a hard surface a bit of light still leaks through, this is a nice amount of ambient light in the dead of night to find your sleeping bag zipper, shoes etc without having to phaff with the whole dimmer switch element. Read more…

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Coleman – CPX Hybrid Lantern

it’s only when you press the OTHER button on the top that you realise what the DoubleEdge’s party-piece is. Rising like an enthusiastic child who knows the answer to teacher’s question, up shoots a red… thing from the centre of the lantern. And like Arthur and the sword in the stone, you prise it out to reveal a handheld torch. Genius! Read more…


Therm-a-Rest – LuxuryLite Mesh Cot

Assembly, once finished, results in a lightweight and surprisingly rigid bed frame. There are a number of spare struts and rings supplied so you can fettle the bed to your own comfort – if you have big hips or shoulders, or find that a certain pole location is irritating. That’s neat.
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Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

Nite Ize – HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

It has a very robust double rubber band that stretches round your Smartphone and holds it in place very tightly. And the metal clippie bits that are integral to the HandleBand’s holding and remaining in place functionality are seemingly high grade and well manufactured. Read more…

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