Silky – Pocket Boy Saw


In use the Pocket Boy will cut through tree branches with incredible ease. It doesn’t really matter if they are green or seasoned wood because it doesn’t stop for breath on either. If you need to gather wood for a campfire, there are few quicker ways to do it that with a Silky.
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Tyny Tools – Swivel Clips

We found the swivel clips to be really useful in our tent where they would clip to an internal gear line and make it a little bit easier to hang personal items from the roof overnight. And actually they are just as useful to leave on your key ring and give you a handy little hanger for when you get home and hang your keys up.
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GoToob – 3 Pack

A packet of 3 GoToobs – each of which contains 1.25 ounces of liquid – would be enough for my average 2 week vacation and the fact that they screw down and close nice and tightly would fill me with confidence that they would not leak in my bag. A hard squeeze-test doesn’t produce any leaks.
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ArmPocket – Ultra i-35

The Armpocket is much more than it would seem at first impression. More than just a way to carry your phone during a run, it is feature rich in both design and materials. Read more…


Smartwool – Womens PHD Support Bra

Girls reading this I’m hoping you’ll agree with me that there is often nothing nicer on a hot day than getting home and removing your bra and letting the girls have a bit of freedom.
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Osprey Axis

Osprey – Axis 18 Backpack

In short… I like it. It’s a great rucksack for commuting. It’s very comfy and practical, matches my bike, and is just the right size for my commuting requirements. At £45, it’s priced well, and I get the impression that it will last a good while, since it’s already done over 1000 miles on a bike and shows no sign of wear. Read more…

LittleLife DaySack Full

LittleLife – Toddler DaySack

My daughter is a 1 in 7 who owns a LittleLife Toddler Daysack (read the GWA story here) and I wasn’t in the slightest bit surprised to learn that LittleLife sell one of these fabulous little backpacks every 15 minutes – even all through the night! Read more…


Aquapac – PackDivider Drysacks (pack of 4)

You know that point in life when your socks need wringing out and you’re praying that the next camping site has a drying room? That point right there is why you should have packed the rest of your gear into reliable dry bags. Read more…


Outwell – Cimelia Single Mattress

What makes it so much more of a good night’s sleeper than an ordinary mattress is that the Cimelia combines the best of camping tech, with the best of home-mattress tech and gives you a bed that comforms to uneven ground, insulates you from the cold and hugs your body like a hotel bed.
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Bridgedale – DuoLite Beanie Hat

The DuoLite is made from 2 layers of DriRelease fabric, which is as soft as linen and will dry off quicker than a natural-fibre weave if it gets wet or sweaty. DriRelease is an American fabric which uses a mix of moisture-loving and moisture-hating threads to pull sweat from your skin and then actively encourage it to evaporate away, rather than soak in to the fabric.
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Cushe – Getaway Shoes

What we have here is something more adaptable than a slipper, but less robust than a trail shoe. It sits in an area with a couple of other similar offerings of apres-activity shoe, and it’s certainly a market which I ‘get’. The Getaway seeks to give you a super-comfy way of strapping a very soft sole to your foot to give you that sofa-so-good feeling, and for that purpose they work really well. Read more…


Scrubba Wash Bag

In practice, I was pleasantly surprised – after drying, my towel had lost its toothpaste stains, and no longer smelt like a recently deceased rodent. The water that rinsed away was suitably post-wash colour, as if to prove it had worked, and the bag itself didn’t leak. Portable washboard win! I started off thinking the Scrubba was a bit gimmicky, but I’m a convert – it’s now going into the permanent camping accoutrements collection.
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Outwell – Collaps accessories

The idea of collapsing accessories has been around for a little while now, however what I noticed immediately about the Outwell versions is how chunky, tough and solid they felt.
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Merrell Sandals Long Grass

Merrell – All Out Blaze Sieve (Women’s Walking Sandal)

I have to say, my shoes have been tough-tested and abused in a way that could easily have left them stinking. And they smell as fresh as the day I got them out of the box. THAT is a recommendation, a positive endorsement – it really is!
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MSR – Elixir 2 Tent

All in all the Elixir was a pleasant and well-finished place to be. It’s super-quick pitching and light weight are winning factors in the extremely competitive 2-man tent market, and its aluminium poles and extra groundsheet mean that weather and tough ground won’t be a problem.
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Outdoor Show 2015

Here are some news and quickies from this years Outdoor Show 2015, Europe’s largest outdoor industry trade show… we’re having a look at the gear which will hit shelves in 2016, including some footwear, apparel and accessories. Read more…


Outwell – Earth 5 Tent

Altogether, the Earth 5 tent is a really well-built and featured lightweight tent, and I think it its the spot for its target audience. I’d say it would be perfect for those with a young child or a dog or two. For a couple it’s probably a little too large for colder evenings where your body-heat won’t be able to warm the cavernous space up at all. Read more…

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