Teva – Terra Float Sandal


The Float-Life technology these Livia sandals are made with means that the soles are super light, shape to your foot, and allow a lot of movement but without feeling every little bump you walk over (jagged terrain and long walks welcome). It makes them feel very sturdy and keeps the foot in place. It’s the ‘high energy return cushioning’ that does it. Read more…


Berghaus – Women’s Explorer Active GTX shoe

The Berghaus Explorer Active GTXs are no exception to my happy feet criteria. They’re comfortable, with an Ortholite foam insole adding to that comfort. They’re also grippy, allowing me to stomp along with minimal concern for what surface is underfoot. Read more…

kameleon travel dress

The Kameleon – Ultimate Travel Dress

To pop the term ‘ultimate’ in your product’s name is pretty ballsy – some might say its outright cocky. However after meeting Leila – designer of this little frock at The Outdoor show t’other month – we can vouch that none of […] Read more…

royal robbins dress

Royal Robbins – Essential Active Dress

Once you’ve ooh-ed at how nice it feels on, you simply forget that you are wearing it – it is THAT comfortable. Over the past couple of months, this dress has been shoved into backpacks, trudged around Europe’s largest outdoor trade show, up a few of Shropshire’s hills, indulged in some tree pruning and to Tesco’s.

Read more…

coleman torch

Coleman Divide+ 350 with Battery Lock

The aluminium-bodied Divide+ is a simple affair with one crucial difference which torch-users all over the world have universally been failing to cry out for since the dawn of time: if you twist the head it disconnects the contacts from the batteries to supposedly save juice. Read more…


Mountain Equipment – Kinesis Women’s Windproof Jacket

The Kinesis has been a firm favourite for everything from hiking to hanging out. It’s rarely too warm or too cool to be worn comfortably, and looks as good on men and women, at the shops or on the hill. Read more…


Berghaus – Women’s Explorer Eco long-sleeve shirt

The material isn’t as light as a lot of wicking-style tops are, so it holds up better when confronted with brambles and similar. It will snag eventually of course, it’s not utterly immune, but not quite as easily as a lot of its contemporaries. The finished fabric is soft and comfortable too, so you aren’t sacrificing comfort for durability. Read more…


Campingaz – Party Grill 600

In terms of cooking, the griddle is ace. It’s flat on one side and ribbed on the other, and quite easy to clean (although you need a big kitchen sink!). The heat is pretty even, with sausages at the edge browning slightly slower than the middle, but with minimal shifting needed to keep things even. Read more…


Falke – TK5 Invisible Socks

I really rate these socks. They keep my feet comfortable, dry, safe, protected and rub-spot-free no matter what activity I undertake in them. And I have to say they are my preferred choice every time I look for a pair of socks to wear.
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outdoor logo

Outdoor Show 2016

Here are some news and quickies from this years Outdoor Show 2016, Europe’s largest outdoor industry trade show… Leki bring something new to the table…   Polartec keep their cool..   AKU get into their stride… Ready, steady, cook with […] Read more…


Mammut – Women’s MTR 141 Pro Low GTX

You’ll remark, as you retrieve them from their box, on how lightweight they are – not as light as some trail running shoes (which these are also suitable for) but it is considerably lighter than any outdoor shoes I’ve previously worn. Read more…


Keen – Wanderer Hiking Boots

All in all the wanderer boots are a great piece of footwear. They give a little more insurance than a standard pair of walking shoes, and come in at about the low end for a pair of boots pricewise.
Read more…


Osprey – Kestrel 38 Backpack

Bounding along the trail is comfortable in the Kestrel. The AirScape feature keeps a gap between your spine and the pack, allowing airflow and less sweatiness. And the fantastic shoulderstraps, and pack-compression straps mean that the whole thing can be snugged to you, with your kit battened down so it doesn’t bounce around.
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aku superalp2

AKU – Superalp NBK GTX Boots

These boots are quite simply superb in every possible way. As you take them out of the box and feel, smell and look at them for the first time quality oozes from the beautiful hand stitched nubuk (NBK) leather Read more…


Sherpa – Tharkey Zip Tee

I was hoping to be able to ridicule it a bit, because the marketing blurb about it makes so many proclamations for its wonderfulness. But you know what? Everything written about this top is true.

It is THAT good.
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merrell capra bolt

Merrell – Capra Bolt Mid

They’ve been caked in mud, dragged through long grass and splashed through puddles after the dog and my feet have yet to get wet – including unpleasantly from sweat! Read more…

varta powerpack

Varta – Indestructible Powerpack 6000 mAh

On one end of the sturdy-feeling unit, beneath a pop-off rubberised cap, are two USB ports, a mini USB port and the power button which lights up to four tiny blue LEDs on the front when switched on.
Which brings me to the point of the Varta Indestructible Powerpack – its ability to charge stuff…
Read more…

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