Lifeventure – Expedition Wheelie Duffle

Lifeventure duffle

When unfurled it holds a seriously impressive 120litres, this means it has ample space for not only a couple of weeks clothes, and it’s highly likely you’ll also be able to bung in your activity gear minimising the amount of bags you’ll have to take. Read more…

Silva trail runner 2

Silva – Trail Runner II USB Head Lamp

Afraid of the dark? If you are, that’s a particularly tricky situation if you want to keep up running through a UK winter. Silva’s Trail Runner II headlamp could definitely come in handy for those darker months. Read more…

Fit top water bottle

FIT Top – Water Bottle

I like to glugg; sipping just doesn’t do it for me, and I get frustrated with the ‘sports’ tops with pushes or straws that you don’t tilt to drink, so I immediately warmed to this bit of kit. Read more…

mammut ridge high3

Mammut – Ridge High GTX Boots

In an unusual move for GWA, our reviewer has decided that the only way to give an honest appraisal of these boots is by embarking on a long-term test of their build-quality… read our initial review to find out why. Read more…


Tenn – Cycling Jersey

So with the mercury nudging the mid-twenties, I donned the skin tight top and headed out for a pre-Prudential Ride London 100, 35 mile training ride, making sure that the three rear pockets were stuffed with the usual spare innertubes, tyre levers, pump, phone and money etc. The jersey also, having a useful small zipped rear pocket for keys and other valuables. Read more…

Boli water container

Boli – 5 Litre Collapsible Water Container

When you’re travelling by bike (motorised or not), you don’t want to be carrying anything excessive or unneccessary. But at the campsite you also don’t want to be going back and forth to the tap for every cup of tea! Boli’s collapsible water bottle solved this issue for me recently in a very satisfactory manner Read more…

Kozi Kidz

KoziKidz – Vind Fleece Jacket

Living in the UK it’s so easy to get it wrong when it comes to choosing clothes for the day’s potential weather conditions. As an adult we have to take any wrong decisions on the chin – which can mean […] Read more…


Trekmates – Deluxe Pillow

Having had enough of my self-deflating, plastic flock coated camping pillow from a dubious source I took one of Trekmates Deluxe Pillows for my recent camping sojourn in the South West.  And what a good choice it was too! Although […] Read more…

LittleLife Range Carrier

LittleLife – Ranger Child Carrier

Wanting to put the carrier fully to the test, what better way than to hike up a mountain in Wales on a drizzly morning. If you’re not used to carrying your child in this way, it feels a little top heavy at first. But after a few adjustments to the back (length) and a few purposeful strides I’ll admit to it feeling as comfy as any quality rucksack. Read more…

Teko Close Up

Teko – Merino Womens’ Midweight Hiking Socks

You might not know it, but not all socks are made equal… and these Teko Merino wool hiking socks, designed specifically for womens’ feet prove my point perfectly. Whilst obviously all socks are designed for the same purpose, (to put […] Read more…


Opinel – No.18 Saw

I mean, just look at that beautiful curvy wooden handle and the finish on the stainless steel locking mechanism. It’s a thing of craft, and you get the feeling that an old man, smoking Gitanes and drinking a small table glass of red wine, spent an hour hand-sanding the handle to make it just-so.
Read more…


Houdini – Twill Action Pants

I don’t think I’ve ever described anything as being a bit penisy before, but thanks to quite a stiff zipper and a generously lengthy crotch, the Action Pants certainly do make you look like you’re ready for action. Flying the flag. Waving Houdini’s magic wand. A little bit too excited about life.
Read more…

photo 2 (4)

UST – BASE all-weather tarp

Configuring the BASE tarp is a task to bring joy to the heart of any knot afficionado. The bag it comes in has a couple of handy ideas for ways that you can use the guylines, trees or even your walking poles to create a shelter. I prefer the old mucking-around until you’ve got bored approach myself. Read more…


Lifeventure – Ellipse plate and cutlery set

The knife has good serrations on it but it makes hard work of fine slicing due to its thickness; the fork similarly is sharp enough at the pointy end but it too feels clumsy when stabbing your errant cherry tomatoes; and the spoon feels big in the mouth somewhat like an enlarged baby spoon.
Nevertheless they seem to be strong enough to do the job and you don’t feel at risk of breaking or bending them on a particularly well done sausage or resilient lump of cheddar. Read more…


Xtorm – Yu Charger

In practice, the Yu charges pretty well for its size. It’s certainly more efficient than many solar chargers from a couple of years ago – technology moves on – and if you had a less intense device or demand, then it would work well as a top-up charger. It will certainly allow you a couple more facebook updates and instagram sessions than you would normally be able to get after a day’s normal British hiking. It isn’t, however, a “my only source of power” option for longer trips or less clement weather. That would be more suited to its big brother, the Lava Charger, which we’ll be reviewing shortly.
Read more…

Pure Lime pic 1

Pure Lime – Movement Racerback Tank & Speed Capris

The tank top is not only gorgeous-looking, it’s super-comfortable. It wicks sweat away better than anything else I’ve ever worn for running (and I sweat a LOT when it’s warm). I stayed comfortable for the whole 13.1 miles. No uncomfortable damp feeling, even when the little superstar with the super-soaker gave me a much-appreciated drenching halfway round.
Read more…

Berghaus eco woven

Outdoor Show 2014

Here are some news and quickies from this years Outdoor Show 2014, Europe’s largest outdoor industry trade show… we’re having a look at the gear which will hit shelves in 2015, including some footwear, apparel and accessories. Read more…

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