Nite Ize – ShoeLit

Nite Ize shoelit

Initially I was sceptical that lights on shoes would catch anyone’s attention when running. However, on the first trip out with them I was stopped three times by people either quizzing me on the lights or moving into my path to stare at them goggle-eyed. I even earned the ire of one youngster who told her mum in my earshot that my lights beat the ones on her shoes.
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LifeEdge – Waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s

…After this I did what any man would do and jump to the next logical test. Strapping it to the winch of a Landrover Defender and going off roading in deep muddy puddles! At this point I wimped out a little and decided to keep the phone with me in the cabin, thinking that I’d find out if it worked afterwards by seeing if any moisture had got inside. Read more…

treo chair

Therm-A-Rest – Treo Chair

If my experience on this test is anything to go by, once you’ve pulled the chair fabric over the frame and secured it using the tough corner pockets you’ll instantly find it occupied by someone who is not you, telling you what they think of it. This is inconvenient.
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leatherman micra

Leatherman – Micra

It’s a neat set, designed to attach to a keyring. These aren’t the tools you’d want to grab if you needed to fix something technical, but they are the kind of tools you might use on a daily basis, making this a neat and practical additional to any pocket. I’ve actually surprised myself by using this more often than my more ‘tool-heavy’ multi-tool, as these are things you tend to want to have to hand.
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Elliot Brown – Canford Impact Resistant Watch

These watches; they look smart enough to go with a Saville Row suit, but they’re built tough enough to go with a suit of armour. They’re rugged action timepieces for the kind of person who doesn’t want to be wear a plastic sports watch. Read more…

sub zero

Sub Zero – Womens Factor+1 Base Layers

Having wriggled into the top and bottoms, I was particularly impressed at the leg length – these are not going to give you that horrible chilly strip around the top of your ankles, there’s plenty of material to keep you snug.
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Berghaus – Rannoch Insulated Hydroloft Jacket

What I’d use the Rannoch for is as a ready-packed warm layer in my bag. Something that doesn’t suffer from being crushed in to a compression sack, and which will be ready when you get to the summit and sit down for a sarnie, or if the sun dips behind one too many clouds. And for that, it’s a really neat, simple solution. Read more…


Ecco – Ladies Biom Terrain

I popped them on my feet and I’m pretty sure that my feet breathed an audible sigh of relief. After a summer of knocking about in flip flops and Converse, my feet actually ached -in a good, ‘oh lordy I’m super supported, this is amazing’ small way when I first popped these boots on. It was a bit weird, but a lovely weird. Read more…

Craghopper jacket review.

Craghoppers – Madigan Long Jacket

A fully waterproof coat for dog-walkers, about-towners and school-runs… Something to batten down those hatches for the less technically inclined amongst us. Read more…


Sherpa – Nangpala Down Jacket

Today’s gales were also no match for the Nangpala, which proved to be windproof even in gusts strong enough to hold me up as I leant in to them. I was impressed by that because it’s also not sold as a “Windproof”. In fact, the outer fabric is much tougher than it looks, having resisted me getting stuck in a thorny hedge very well. It does release the odd feather from where it’s been sewn in to baffles, but nothing too serious. Read more…


LuminAID – Emergency light

We’ve been living without any electric lights for the last 6 months, so we’ve had ample chance to try out different lamps and torches here at GWA. The LuminAID has proven itself to be a really useful night-light, with a constant glow that last up to 16 hours from a good, strong day’s sunlight.
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gaisters main

Aldi – Outdoor Special Buys

We’ve tested four of Aldi’s Outdoor Gear products – Softshell Trousers, Gaiters and Bamboo base layers – and, if you can get yourself to a store whilst they still have stock, they may well be a chance to grab yourself a bargain… Read more…


Aquapac – TrailProof Duffel

At £45 for the duffel bag this presents great value for money, particularly when compared with some of the pricier similar bags available. And on reflection, as I write this, the lack of zip on the duffel means that there is less to go wrong with this bag and so I can imagine it lasting a long time. They do also come with a full 5 year warranty. Overall, we are very pleased with both of these bags and would recommend them – with a check on the capacity first.
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Keen – Durand Mid WP Hiking Boot

Styling-wise, they’re definitely on the contemporary end of the scale, with Keen’s trademark big rubber toe rand, and that chunky sole with red flash down the side. The uppers are fairly complex affairs with a lot of stitching that may put some people off. I have to say that I’ve never had a pair of Keen shoes where the stitching has started to rot or break though, and I’ve worn them in a pretty unforgiving manner over the years.
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Montane – Axion Neo Alpha Jacket

I think that one of our Judges summed up the Axion almost perfectly when he said “It’s just a nice place to be”. It is. It envelopes you in comfortable warmth, and you feel protected and almost invincible against the elements. It’s a ‘bring it on’ jacket.
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merrel moab

Merrell – Moab Gore-Tex Beluga

Like a moggy drooling over catnip, there are four smells that I just can’t get enough of: freshly-struck matches, petrol (not at the same time, m’lud), new cars and brand new trainers. Knowing this already, it still came as something of a surprise when Mrs Muz came home from work one day to find me with my overly-generous nose firmly embedded inside one of these Merrells. I was also wearing one of her flowery bras and wellies, but that was easily explained away. I think.
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craghoppers trousers

Craghoppers – Kiwi Pro Trousers

The trousers are nicely put together with well thought out design touches such as 3 zipped pockets – although I could probably live without the one on the butt. The hems have been finished with heel tape meaning they won’t get rubbed and tatty quite so quickly. They wash and dry really rather quickly and still look smart after several outings in the mud and showers. Read more…

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