Keen – Newport H2 Toddler shoes

keen newport

The thickness and height of the rubber toe rand means that your child will never be able to kick enough stones or crawl around sufficient quantities of rough ground to penetrate the shoe or even damage it sufficiently to make it look tatty. In fact, I think I am setting a challenge right here and right now to toddlers the length and breadth of the land to try and prove me wrong!
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Nite Ize – DoohicKey Key Tool

Made of durable stainless steel, the Nite Ize DoohicKey features half-dozen tools that do everything from tighten bolts and screws to open a bottle of refreshment, all in a simple key tool that fits in the palm of your hand. On one end of the Doohickey is a sturdy karabiner clip, allowing you to attach keys to it, or attach the DoohicKey itself to any loop or ring. Opposite the clip is an etched ruler for on-the-spot measurements and the karabiner opening is strategically shaped to function as a wrench. On the other end, the DoohicKey features a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver, and a box cutter.
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Zamberlan – 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR

I did get quite excited when I read that these boots are made from Kevlar. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t enough Kevlar to make these boots bullet proof, but does mean that there are certain points which are super strong. The Kevlar is actually a Cordura-Kevlar mix, and forms a rand like band around the shoe. It is quite clever to take this particular design feature from heavy leather boots, and add it to a lightweight boot like this. Another thing that adds to the strength of these boots is the plastic reinforcements around the lace holes, and across the upper. I’ve had laces rip through the fabric, which is mightily annoying when the rest of the shoe is fine. I like to think I’m strong, but I don’t think I could rip plastic with just a shoe lace.
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Xtorm – Lava Charger

The Lava Charger comes in the box with a 75% charge, so you can buy it and charge your phone immediately if you’re stuck. And Xtorm say that it takes just 8-hours of sunshine to charge the Lava back up to full – we have that on test at the moment. In practice, we got what showed as a 3-quarter charge out of a typically British summer’s day. We’ll take it touring next time we go abroad somewhere sunny and see if we can up that to a full charge.
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Pack It – Freezable Grocery Bag

The bag works through a gel lining stitched in a series of squares, which then freezes. So you have a completely frozen bag – and a zip lock to keep air in. To use you just (remember!) to pop the bag into your freezer for 12 hours (i.e. overnight) before it’s ready for use! Read more…

PureLime bra1

PureLime – Compression Bra

It’s obviously been developed for women with actual breasts who actually do real exercise, and that’s great. It kept everything strapped down right where it was supposed to be. No black eyes or escapees to frighten the farmers. I have no complaints at all about its performance under bouncing. But, I do have a genuine gripe with this bra though. It’s the thing that’s stopping me giving it full marks. It’s a RIGHT pain in the bum to put on.
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tagine 2

Ilumi – Nut, Gluten & Milk free packaged meals

Not made specifically for camping, but they work brilliantly as an alternative to a lot of other pre-packed food for people with food intolerances. The easy to open pouches can be boiled in water or poured into a saucepan. There’s curry, middle eastern, pub food, sauces, rice – something to whet every appetite and portion size is good. Read more…

Didriksons Slaskeman Back View

Didriksons’ – Slaskeman Children’s Waterproof Jacket and Dungaree Set

I deduced that the clothing I’d be in receipt of would be pretty perfectly manufactured for extremes of weather. And Didriksons has a company tagline which I really like: “You can never change the weather or nature. So you better be well prepared for it.” Read more…

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 20.33.46

Anatom – V1 Trail Shoe Ex-Ventia

If you suffer from from warm feet or have an aversion to waterproof membranes, then check out these well aerated trail shoes from Anatom. Read more…


Opinel – Mushroom Knife No8

If you haven’t encountered one before, you are probably now quite keen to know what differentiates fungi knives from other less esoteric chibs. Mushrooms, after all, aren’t the most demanding things to cut – though they are composed of chitin, the same substance as crab shells are made from, though in a much softer form. Read more…

Lifeventure duffle

Lifeventure – Expedition Wheelie Duffle

When unfurled it holds a seriously impressive 120litres, this means it has ample space for not only a couple of weeks clothes, and it’s highly likely you’ll also be able to bung in your activity gear minimising the amount of bags you’ll have to take. Read more…

Silva trail runner 2

Silva – Trail Runner II USB Head Lamp

Afraid of the dark? If you are, that’s a particularly tricky situation if you want to keep up running through a UK winter. Silva’s Trail Runner II headlamp could definitely come in handy for those darker months. Read more…

Fit top water bottle

FIT Top – Water Bottle

I like to glugg; sipping just doesn’t do it for me, and I get frustrated with the ‘sports’ tops with pushes or straws that you don’t tilt to drink, so I immediately warmed to this bit of kit. Read more…

mammut ridge high3

Mammut – Ridge High GTX Boots

In an unusual move for GWA, our reviewer has decided that the only way to give an honest appraisal of these boots is by embarking on a long-term test of their build-quality… read our initial review to find out why. Read more…


Tenn – Cycling Jersey

So with the mercury nudging the mid-twenties, I donned the skin tight top and headed out for a pre-Prudential Ride London 100, 35 mile training ride, making sure that the three rear pockets were stuffed with the usual spare innertubes, tyre levers, pump, phone and money etc. The jersey also, having a useful small zipped rear pocket for keys and other valuables. Read more…

Boli water container

Boli – 5 Litre Collapsible Water Container

When you’re travelling by bike (motorised or not), you don’t want to be carrying anything excessive or unneccessary. But at the campsite you also don’t want to be going back and forth to the tap for every cup of tea! Boli’s collapsible water bottle solved this issue for me recently in a very satisfactory manner Read more…

Kozi Kidz

KoziKidz – Vind Fleece Jacket

Living in the UK it’s so easy to get it wrong when it comes to choosing clothes for the day’s potential weather conditions. As an adult we have to take any wrong decisions on the chin – which can mean […] Read more…

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