Outwell – Cimelia Single Mattress


What makes it so much more of a good night’s sleeper than an ordinary mattress is that the Cimelia combines the best of camping tech, with the best of home-mattress tech and gives you a bed that comforms to uneven ground, insulates you from the cold and hugs your body like a hotel bed.
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Bridgedale – DuoLite Beanie Hat

The DuoLite is made from 2 layers of DriRelease fabric, which is as soft as linen and will dry off quicker than a natural-fibre weave if it gets wet or sweaty. DriRelease is an American fabric which uses a mix of moisture-loving and moisture-hating threads to pull sweat from your skin and then actively encourage it to evaporate away, rather than soak in to the fabric.
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Cushe – Getaway Shoes

What we have here is something more adaptable than a slipper, but less robust than a trail shoe. It sits in an area with a couple of other similar offerings of apres-activity shoe, and it’s certainly a market which I ‘get’. The Getaway seeks to give you a super-comfy way of strapping a very soft sole to your foot to give you that sofa-so-good feeling, and for that purpose they work really well. Read more…


Scrubba Wash Bag

In practice, I was pleasantly surprised – after drying, my towel had lost its toothpaste stains, and no longer smelt like a recently deceased rodent. The water that rinsed away was suitably post-wash colour, as if to prove it had worked, and the bag itself didn’t leak. Portable washboard win! I started off thinking the Scrubba was a bit gimmicky, but I’m a convert – it’s now going into the permanent camping accoutrements collection.
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Outwell – Collaps accessories

The idea of collapsing accessories has been around for a little while now, however what I noticed immediately about the Outwell versions is how chunky, tough and solid they felt.
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Merrell Sandals Long Grass

Merrell – All Out Blaze Sieve (Women’s Walking Sandal)

I have to say, my shoes have been tough-tested and abused in a way that could easily have left them stinking. And they smell as fresh as the day I got them out of the box. THAT is a recommendation, a positive endorsement – it really is!
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MSR – Elixir 2 Tent

All in all the Elixir was a pleasant and well-finished place to be. It’s super-quick pitching and light weight are winning factors in the extremely competitive 2-man tent market, and its aluminium poles and extra groundsheet mean that weather and tough ground won’t be a problem.
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Outdoor Show 2015

Here are some news and quickies from this years Outdoor Show 2015, Europe’s largest outdoor industry trade show… we’re having a look at the gear which will hit shelves in 2016, including some footwear, apparel and accessories. Read more…


Outwell – Earth 5 Tent

Altogether, the Earth 5 tent is a really well-built and featured lightweight tent, and I think it its the spot for its target audience. I’d say it would be perfect for those with a young child or a dog or two. For a couple it’s probably a little too large for colder evenings where your body-heat won’t be able to warm the cavernous space up at all. Read more…

cocoon pyjamas

Cocoon – Insect Shield Travel Pyjamas

The USP of these particular PJ’s – and why we are reviewing them here on GearWeAre – is that they claim to protect you from the winged monsters known as mosquitoes or ‘f-ing buzzing hooligans’ as they tend to get called at GWA HQ, because as you switch off the light and settle down for the night you hear that tell-tale bzzzzzzz zoom past your ear. Cue the light going back on and much swatting and flailing of arms.
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Aku Nuvola

Aku – Nuvola GTX

Fresh out of the box the AKU Nuvola GTXs are decent looking, with a smart grey suede and fabric upper, brightened up with vivid fuchsia laces. They are Gore-Tex lined, and feature a Vibram sole, so I expected good things of my new Italian-made acquisitions.
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Edelrid Typhoon

Edelrid – Typhoon Climbing Shoe

The toe of the shoe felt very positive from the very first wear which enabled me to climb with confidence, particularly important whilst slab climbing. The slightly stiff sole was great for edging outside and gave support on pocket and slab climbing. Read more…


Yellowstone – Standard Festival Pack

The thing about music festivals is that, in reality, you only need two things: a steady supply of intoxicants and a strong stomach to survive the Toilets. Nevertheless, Yellowstone has come up with a bunch of items that can occassionally come in handy. You know… a tent, sleeping bag and that sort of stuff.
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Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 13.49.46

Scruffs – Womens Executive Jacket

I really love the length of this jacket as I have quite a short body and coats tend to look either massive or simply much too long on me but this one sits nicely just above my butt. My top half is size 14 and it fits nicely round my DD’s without being restrictive or too tight.
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Montane – Allez Micro Hoodie

Now the boffins at Polartec know how to do some seriously clever things with fabric, and this particular bit of fabric technology is what allows this top to be so incredibly lightweight – just 185grams, yet it also keeps you warm – it’s all down to those grid channels. Simple, but oh so clever.
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Mammut – Comfort High GTX Surround

Gore Surround places a layer of spacer-mesh UNDER your foot as part of the sole, which creates a space for the sweat that comes from the bottom of your foot to escape to and then evaporate out of the shoe. The theory is that this allows 30% more area for sweat to evaporate from, and thus better breathability. Read more…


Fjallraven – Keb Fleece

Is it worth it? Actually, given the abuse its had and the amount I’ve chosen to wear it instead of other tops, I think it is. Would I have paid for it? No, but that’s because I’m not the kind of bloke who saves up for investment-pieces like the Keb. Read more…

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